Outlook Web Access

Check out the entire 10 minute  demo on what's new in the new Outlook Web Access (OWA). The latest  update to remote email offers intuitive functionality and a cleaner interface, more similar to the full blown Outlook client. 

Login & Overview of the New Interface

The URL to access email remotely is: owa.ala.org

This 90 second video walks through what to expect when logging in to the new OWA as well as a short highlight on the new Inbox. 

Check out the fresh new authentication window.

Firefox users must TYPE(not paste) their email address in Firefox (so you don’t lock yourself out).  You can paste email login in Chrome & IE with no problems, but be aware the authentication windows look different between browsers. 

New Message

This video walks through creating a new message using the the new Mail Interface in 1 minute and 11 seconds. 

Clean and familiar; this new version of Outlook Lite, looks a lot like the full client.  Folders can be  added/managed remotely.


Attachments have to be uploaded individually, but added to mailing all at once.  Find out by clicking the "attachments" link to a 68 second video.


New Meeting or Appointment options, make this clean and lean interface easy to invite your recent recipients to upcoming meetings.

Search for invitees in the same way as message.  Learn how by watching the 1 minute, 48 second video.


Search for mail items similar to the full client, as well as for  recipients in a mailing or attendees in a meeting. Learn about search in 33 seconds.


Messaging Options will allow you to view up to 100 messages on a page! Watch this 50-second video to see how to edit message viewing options in OWA!

Mail Options for Out of Office has new/extra/intuitive features!  Find out how, in this video, in less than 60 seconds!

Check out the 48 second video to see how to manage safe senders in junk mail, making sure to  check your default to filter junk mail. 

Make sure you are set at the correct time.  This 70-second video on setting Regional options in OWA will help you check default time for your time zone.

Other Things to Note

Try not to hit the Back button on the browser,  but if you do, it is not the end of the world.  Just keep clicking Back you will return to an earlier task window.

Remember to close the browser once you logout, because if you return to the site, you are still logged in.