Completing the PIO News Release Template's Additional Fields

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If a field category has a heading but is not displayed, you can skip this field. Extending the field heading will present you with a set of advanced options.  The fields that are explained below are the recommended fields for a PIO News Release and those that will allow you to add related content to your PIO News Release text.  They do not need to be used for every PIO News Release if not applicable.



Vocabularies (similar to taxonomy in Collage) allow you to tag your PIO News Release content in two ways:

Content Categories:  There is a Topics pane on the right side of the AL Website, if you select any of the items in the Content Categories menu it will tag the PIO News Release to appear in a listing page of other pages on the site having to do with that topic.  These tags will also increase search engine optimization of these categories.

ALA Division, Offices and Roundtables: Selecting your unit or initiative (ie: Spectrum, Online Learning etc.) name will tag this PIO News Release so it will be found in any searches done on the ALA site by your unit name.  It will also add this item to your unit or initiative's RSS News Feed.  To find a complete listing of all American Libraries RSS Feeds go to  To harvest your unit or initiative's feed in particular click on its name in the listing and on the subsequent page copy the url from the browser's address field.

Social Media Panel (Photo, External Video and Related Stories)

To the right of the text of a PIO News Release on the AL website, there is box called the Social Media Panel which by default will automatically provide links for RSS Subscription, Share This (Most Popular Services) and a Printer Friendly version of the PIO News Release.

Additionally, this panel is designed to elongate to accommodate multi-media content added by you to the appropriate fields in the template to enhance your PIO News Release’s message.  This makes the content readily available to share with our readers. The template will automatically scale content to fit inside the panel and when the content is clicked on it will display in a new window with its actual dimensions.  Detailed instructions for adding content to these Social Media fields are below:

Photo (Downloaded Images)

You can upload multiple photos in this field to display within the confines of the Download Images area of the Social Media Panel.  You can upload a .jpg, .png or .gif with a file limit of 64 MBs.  Even though this extremely large file size is allowed, uploading large images should be avoided except for certain circumstances. As an example:  you may want to provide a print quality image to be downloaded such as a speaker photo that would be included in a brochure. The majority of images should be no larger than 600 pixels wide.  JPEG (.jpg) files seem to have the least amount of problems with displaying on a website. If you don’t have photo editing software installed on your workstation, there are many free web-based solutions available where you most likely will need to register to use the site but don’t need to download a plug-in or any software. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Once your photo has been edited to meet your needs and saved to your workstation, click on the Browse button and navigate your computer to locate the file.  Once the file name displays in the field, click on the Upload button. Repeat as necessary to upload additional photos by clicking on the Add Another Item button.
  2. Now you will see your photo(s) in a thumbnail image and three fields for that particular image: Description, Alternate Text and Title.  All of these fields can hold the same value but they should be populated because each serves a different purpose on the website as described below each field in the template.

External Video

Up to four videos hosted on other websites, such as You Tube and BlipTV can be linked to in the Social Media Panel and will display below any downloadable images you may have uploaded in the Photo field.

The following services are provided:,, JumpCut, Live Video, MetaCafe, Revver, Twistage, UStream.TV, UStream.TV (Live Streams), Vimeo, YouTube.

It is important to get the url or embed code directly to the host website do not use the url of another website where the content is displayed.


The good news is that the External Video field is designed within Drupal to do the hard work and parse the embedded third party content and display it appropriately in the Social Media panel area.  You would work much harder if you tried to take the same code and add it to the PIO News release body field or another web page.

Here are easy instructions for how to find both the url code or embed code on YouTube and BlipTV.  Use what you have learned to find similar options on the other host sites or consult the Help instructions on each site if you do not find these objects are readily obvious.  Even within one video host site, these codes will be accessible in different locations, think of looking for an Embed code or URL code as an Easter egg hunt and make a game out of it for yourself as you increase your Social Media knowledge.


If you see a video marked with the YouTube watermark wherever it is hosted, usually

  1. You can right-click directly on the video screen with the player arrow and get a short-cut menu with an option for Copy embed html.
  2. Click on Copy embed html item, which will place the code you need to populate the External Video field in the News Release template on your clipboard. 
  3. If you are not yet in the template, paste that link in another location (like in a Word or Notepad file) and copy the entire code when you are ready to build your News Release.
  4. In the PIO News Release template, right click in the External Video field and select the Paste option or click in the field and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste.

If you go directly to the YouTube ( location of the video, please realize that not all channels are configured the same, you can either right click directly on the player window and get the Copy embed html item, or look for an Embed button or Embed field on the information menu for the video.


Located at, you will not get a right click menu on the BlipTV video player. Instead

  1. Look at bottom of the video player for some icons, click on the second icon that looks like this:
  2. A dialogue box, with three tabs at the bottom will display, click on the second tab, Embed.
  3. Click on the Copy Embed Code button to but the code on your clipboard.
  4. If you are not yet in the template, paste that link in another location (like in a Word or Notepad file) and copy the entire code when you are ready to build your News Release.
  5. In the PIO News Release template, right click in the External Video field and select the Paste option or click in the field and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste.

Related (Stories)

Rather than peppering the text of your News Release with many hyperlinks, you can utilize the related stories area of the Social Media Panel to display links to the content mentioned in our news release.

This is a judgment call on your part but experiment with using both areas to share links to other ALA web content or outside web content.  However, keep in mind that the goal is to not direct readers away from ALA too quickly.

The Related field is configured like the Body field and it utilizes the CKeditor to format your content.

Remember to use either the Paste Text Only  or Paste from Word   icons in the CKeditor if you have copied text.  This will prevent your webpage from displaying incorrectly due to inherited font and style formatting from another source.

Use the Insert/Edit link icon on the toolbar to create hyperlinks.

Submit on Behalf Of

If the individual logged into the AL Website is not the Contact person for the News Release s/he is creating, then type in the name of the Contact person(s) in the field(s) provided.  The Contact person’s name will appear at the top of the PIO News Release as a hyperlink.  The hyperlink is followed to an area on the AL Website where comments can be left.  The Contact will receive an email notification to check the comment. 

Revision Information

Drupal, like any CMS, creates a new version of a webpage whenever content is edited and saved.  Please add a log entry that explains what changes were made between versions.  Since a PIO News Release has a workflow whereby it transfers between the author and PIO for approval before publishing, typing a short note in this area about revisions will be particularly helpful, especially if you want to revert back to (restore) a previous version.

File Attachments

Most links on a webpage should be to other web content, however if you must include a PDF attachment to your press release for example: a publication or a fill able form, you should upload the file here and it will display in a dedicated attachments area with download options below the press release.



It is never acceptable to upload a PDF attachment in lieu of web page press release.


The AL website encourages social interaction with the site content which means visitors to the site can leave comments.  The default for the PIO News Template is to have comments enabled.  If you do not want visitors to comment on the News Release you are creating, you will need to change the default to the disabled.

URL Path Settings

The automatic alias checkbox is selected by default and Drupal will create a direct link to your PIO News Release.  Unless you deselect the checkbox, and provide your own alias, the default url for your release will be

Best Practice

The title of your release in the alias url will automatically be translated into all lower case letters and each word will be separated with hyphens.  Keep the same naming conventions in mind if you create your own alias. However, changing a default alias is not recommended because if you change the title of your News Release you may not remember to change your alias to reflect the change.