NetStorage How-to

The Background Info

  • NetStorage is not available from within the ALA Chicago Headquarters network. Test your access from your home computer.
  • Due to security settings and performance, it is recommended that you access NetStorage using Mozilla Firefox.
  • You will see warnings that all NetStorage URLs do not have a valid security certificates. You should bypass warnings and choose to trust the site. How to do this will vary from browser to browser.
  • If you are going to NetStorage to open MS Office files (they're actually zip files due to the new open XML file format), you should open them by using the File>Download option. Do not double-click on them to open.

Step 1: Use Mozilla to visit this link:  (new URL, as of March 12, 2012)

Step 2: Enter your network credentials

Authentication window requiring username and net work password

Step 3: Access your files

list of directories visible once credentials have been entered, depending on their rights

Check out the tips on opening Office files in NetStorage (save them first, then open them)