Microsoft Office 2016 & Office 365

Office 365 Subscription Service


Some of the guides are downloadable- please scroll down on the Microsoft page and check them out.

University of Wisconsin- UW rolled out Office 365 and Office 2016 to their staff last year. Their process was very well documented. Great How To list!

  • ALA FAQ- Forthcoming

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  • One Drive: Please continue to store your work on ALA network drives and archive only to the I drive.

Don't create a new archive folder in your folder list that does not store emails on the I drive.

Microsoft Roll-out Project

December 2016

ALA is now using Office 2016 at desktops and laptops for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

The desktop client (software/apps) installed is Office 2016.  Our email app at is Office 365. ALA's account is similar to the nonprofit E3 account. Our subscription to Office 365 provides the latest Office version, currently Office 2016.

September 2016

New Outlook Provider:


Office 365 and ALA Staff on ALA Connect