Manage Archive Recordings

How do I share my archive recording?

You have successfully hosted the meeting.  You remembered to turn on the Record command and the full session was captured.  Where is it? How can I send the link out so my registrants can access the archive?

How do I edit my recording?

You started the recording a bit before the session started, or there is a  couple of places you would like to splice.  How do I do it?

How can I share my Content/Recordings with my team?

You held the session, distributed the links, but now someone else on the team needs to save a copy to your team Vimeo account or organize it on the Shared Content folder. You will be surprised how easy this is to do.

screenshot  overlay pointing where on the Meeting information window you can find the buttons to Open, Move, Set access to public or private and find the URL of the recording to distribute.