Limit Registration

The Potential Issue:

I discovered, the hard way, that the Registration limit in Adobe Connect cannot restrict  users who have a direct link to the class using the "Anyone with the link can enter the room"permission setting in the meeting that event points to.


In order to limit the number of attendees, you must make them enter the room through the registration process.  This is the only way Adobe can reject potential attendees once the limit has been reached.
When setting up the meeting, avoid the Anyone with link can access and set the Registration limit in the event.  This will force the registration process in Adobe for your smaller events.

You can do this by:

a. Setting the Registration limit in the Event
b. Not selecting the setting that "Anyone with the link can enter the room".

If you are not sure of the potential response to your webinar and do not want to break into the Burst pack minutes (for meetings that exceed 100 attendees under our license), do not publish the direct link to the room.  Force the use of the registration process by setting meeting access to "Only registered users and accepted guests can enter".