Left Navigation - How to

Step 1: Access Menus

Once you have rights, you will see the Structure menu at the top of the page. Within that menu you will see a link to Menus:

screenshot of Structure menu at top menu near the middle

Step 2: List Links

To work with common updates to the Left Navigation such as re-ordering items, adding new items, and more, select the List Links command:

screenshot of List links command

Step 3: Update Menu

This is where you can click and drag the 4-headed arrows to re-order the items on the menu or display the row weight values to see how they relate and re-sort that way as well.  You can use the Add link command to add menu items that point to other documents are serve as a dummy-link placeholders to organize the menu in a way that is logical to the user.  If you click on the actual menu names in this window, you will follow the URL paths that are set.  To edit the name of the menu item and other settings, use the Edit command under the Operations column for a new settings window.

screenshot of List Links window of Menu, showing screen components

Keep in mind that menu items are to be listed alphabetically.

Step 4: Edit Menu Settings

Here you can set the path where the link will lead or create a dummy-link to organize menu items.  You can select the parent path for the link as well as set the weight value affecting the menu order.  You can also enable or disable the item from showing up on the left-navigation menu.

screenshot of Menu settings. You can set a specific path or a dummy-link to organize items.  You can also choose the parent link and set the weight values.

Step 5: Edit Menu Title

By selecting the Edit Menu tab, you can update or abbreviate the menu title.  Text that you add to the description shows up as a screen tip on a mouseover.

screenshot to edit menu title and screen tip (description).