iPhone Settings for ALA Email

Step 1: Choose Settings

Home screen of iPhone

From the home screen, choose the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.










Step 2: Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Settings window screen with Mail, Contacts, Calendar command highlighted









Step 3: Choose "add account."

Screen shot of Add Account Command










Step 4: Select Microsoft Exchange

Screenshot of Exchange command











Step 5: Complete the fields for Email Address, Password and Account Description

Exchange window shows Email, Password and Description fields









Step 6: Complete the configuration settings for Email, Server, Username and Password.  leave Domain blank. 

Note: You may not see a Server field on this screen.  Continue through to then screen where you will find the Server field.

Also Note:  You might not even see this step at all on some iPhones.

Email requires your full email address; Server owa.ala.org; Domain is blank











Final Step: Set your preferences for what data you want to sync

Screen shot listing Mail, Contacts, calendars, reminders and notesNote:  You cannot sync Contacts and Calendars from both Exchange and iTunes.  You must choose one or the other.  The iPhone will delete your old entries when you enable this.