Introduction to Committees in iMIS

The Committees area of iMIS gives you access to committee maintenance, inquiries, and reports. It allows you to track committee members, their terms, and the positions they have held.

In this course, learn how to:

  1. Access the Committees module in iMIS
  2. Create/Maintain members/applicants/proposed members within a committee.
  3. Assign committee positions
  4. Define the term of service for each committee member
  5. Run committee reports and exports
  6. Create/Manage committees and/or position codes

Access Committees Module

Within the iMIS Customers module, choose Manage Committees from the left nav

Find a Committee

From the  Manage Committees window, navigate to the Group representing the Division, Section or Round Table the committee is a part of;

  1. Joint committees usually use the JNT group
  2. Recent Washington office committees under WAS
  3. Look under the ALA group for all other committees

Once you have chosen your group, the current list of the committee codes are displayed, regardless of active/inactive status.  Once you select the committee code, the full Committee Name displays across the top, so that you can verify the correct committee.

Note: Each committee code starts with a three letter identifier followed by a hyphen.  Even though a division or roundtable may have a 4 letter or more acronym in iMIS the division identifier will always be delimited to 3 letters which may not always be the first three of the acronym.  Example: ACRL is ACR; AASL is AAS; GODORT is GDR.
Breakdown of the iMIS Code into four components: Group, Division Section or Cluster, subcommittee, committee name description

Committee Display Options

  1. You can choose to display the roster to list Committee members, Proposed members, Applicants, or All by using the Roster Type: radio buttons above the roster display field.
  2. You can also set the term to All, Current, Past, Future using the Term: radio buttons, or to a certain date using the Set Date field & button located below the Group scroll window in the bottom left of the screen.
  3. You can sort the list of members by Ranking, Name, Alphabetical Position, Organization, State/province, and Country, which secondarily sorts by state by using the Sort By: radio  buttons below the roster display.