Basic Membership Management

Customers Module:  Tasks you should be capable in, for this module

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Find A Record(s),  (video: 44 sec)

Understand Screen Components

View the Tabs you Need in iMIS Edit Tab Preferences (video: 1 min 18 sec)

History Tabs (along the bottom of the Customers Window--in order of likelihood that you will use them):
Detail Tabs (in the upper right quadrant of the Customers Window):
  • Profile
  • Status
  • Financial
  • Demographics
  • Individuals
  • Individual Profile
  • Corporation Profile
  • Continuous / Total Years
  • Z-Dropped-Continuous-Years
  • ALA
  • Relationships

Determine Membership Status of a record:

"What divisions does a member belong to, and how can we tell?"  (video: 41 sec)

Edit an iMIS Record

  • Change an Individual's Workplace/Organizational Tie
  • Update contact information

Create a Record

  • Individual Prospect and check out further details on this resource page on Individual Prospect Records
  • Prospective Organization and check out further details on this resource page on Prospect Organizations

Manage iMIS Committees

  • Anatomy of a Committee Code
  • Add a Member to a Committee
  • Update Committee Member Status
  • Remove an Accidental Add to a Committee
  • Manage Committee Terms
  • Create New Committee
  • Create/Update Committee Positions
  • Run Committee Reports