ALA Google Analytics Login Credentials & Content Drilldown

Google Analytics

In order to track monthly page visits and other trending data, this page shows you how to get to the content area in Analytics to drill down to your data.  Do not share the credentials for the Google Analytics account with the open public.

  1. Go to
    Page header graphic for Google Analytics
  2. Sign in as, with password alatestuser. (Note: If you are already logged in as a Google user, you will have to logout from that account to do this.)
    Sign In window for Google
  3. Go to the listing: UA-466934-4

  4. Click the + plus sign to the left of the listing to expose the sub listings.
  5. Go to the unit* listing within it, div-unit*.

  6. Click on its name to load the data.
  7. When the data loads, choose Content in the left navigation.
  8. Now choose Site Content, also in left navigation, now exposed as an option.
    Choose Content Drilldown.

  9. Look for the small search box that’s in the middle of the page, just above the list of URLs.
    Search box
  10. Enter the path to the page or directory you’re seeking data on. for example:  /acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/cls/clswebsite/clshomepage. Be sure the path starts with /unit* as shown here.
  11. Change the Primary Dimension to Page
    Image of toggle command for Primary Dimension
  12. By default, Google is set to show a month of results.
  13. To see results for other time periods, adjust the start and end dates at the top right of the page, using the little arrow to the right of the dates to trigger the calendar display.

*acronym for unit name you are searching for