Uploading Files

How to use the Link button on the WYSIWYG toolbar to upload and insert files on WebpagesDecision Tree for when to use a Word document, a pdf, or a web page for your form, survey or document

Are you uploading an MS Word or PDF file?

If you have followed the When to use a Word document, a PDF, or Web page decision tree and have determined that you should be uploading an MS Word file or Adobe PDF file; before proceeding, make sure those files meet Web accessbility standards by consulting the instructions for:

  1. Following the NIne Guidelines for Maintaining High Quality Webpages regarding Links, type your link text as long as it doesn't say click here (typing click here for a link on a Webpage in Drupal will cause you computer to melt).
  2. Click on the Link button on the found on the CKEditor WYSIWYG toolbar located at the top of the Main Content field (or other text field).
  3. Click the blue Browse Server button
  4. This will open the File Browser window which is divided into three frames:
    1. Left: Navigation Tree (an expandable, folder directory that reflects the Collage ALA tree structure that was migrated from your project area. To refresh the tree always click on the content folder immediately below the blue <root> folder.)
    2. Right: File Name (displays the contents of the folder selected in the Navigation tree)
    3. Bottom: Preview
  5. ‚ÄčGo to the Navigation Tree pane and either:
    1. Browse to the folder where you want to save the file that you will be uploading; or 
    2. Create a new folder by browsing  to the folder that you want to be its parent, highlight it and then click the Manage directories button on the toolbar. In the Subdirectory name field, type a folder name in all lower case with no spaces and click Add.
  6. Once in the correct folder, click the Upload button on the toolbar.
  7. Click the Choose File button and browse to the location of the file on your computer and select it.
    1. The maximum file size for an upload has been set on the server at 100 MB. This process will abort for any file over 100 MB.
    2. Ignore the Create thumbnails checkboxes when working with non-image files, thumbnails should be used when uploading images from the Image button which is configured with the same Browse Server button.
  8. Click the Upload button below the checkboxes.
  9. Make sure the file you uploaded is highlighted in the right, file name pane.
    1. If necessary, use the Rename button, to change your file name to be succint, all in lower case with no spaces, and only using underscores or hyphens.  Skipping this step will result in a poorly formatted URL with percentage signs.
  10. Click Insert File on the top toolbar.