Create a New Layout for Meeting Room

Adobe Connect Default Template Feature not working message:

If the default template feature is not working in your meeting room, you can refresh the layout or create a New Layout in just four steps:

Step 1: Create or Edit Layout

You can either edit the layout you are in, hiding the Notes pod, or Create a New Layout using the Layouts command or Plus icon.

screenshot of tool icon to activate Prepare Mode at bottom right

Step 2: Activate Prepare Mode

Use Meeting command to reveal the Switch to Prepare Mode or click the Tools icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Screenshot of how to Switch to Prepare Mode

Step 3: Add Pods

Use the Pods command to add the Share,  Chat and Attendee pods. 

Screenshot of Pods command to add the Share,  Chat and Attendee pods.

Step 4: Resize and Arrange

Use the double-headed mouse pointer to resize pods.  Drag to where you need them.

Screenshot of resizing and moving pods