Citrix Server - eTime

What is Citrix?

A secure server providing ALA staff remote access to sensitive applications such as iMIS, Great Plaines and eTime.

When Would I Use It?

All ALA staff are enabled for Citrix to access eTime when they are away from the office. 

How Do I Get to It?

Use the steps below to login to the Citrix Server. If you have never accessed it before, you will need to install the Citrix Receiver, (steps 2-6) outlined below.. Once it it is installed, you can log into eTIME using Steps 7-9.  Note that these instructions work if you are at a remote computer or device.  Internally, in the Chicago building, the link for Citrix is

Step 1: Login to the Citrix Server

Open a browser and login to Login using your Network credentials, the same login and password that you use to start your computer.

screenshot of login at

Step 2: Verify Citrix Receiver installation

The resulting screen from your login in the prestep will show you the Citrix Web Interface page.  Check out the Message Center on this page.  You must have the Citrix Receiver installed on the local computer.  If you have a message indicating that you do not have the Citrix Presentation Server Client or the Citrix Reciver, then click the link in the Message Center or visit to download the application.

screenshot of Citrix Web Interface Log In

Step 3: Download the Citrix Receiver

If the message center is clear of any alerts, you can skip down to Step 6.  Otherwise, download the Citrix Receiver by clicking the link in the Message Center taking you to the download page on

screenshot of the download page on

(There are also clients for Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebook, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile.)

Step 4: Agree to the End User License Agreement

Check the box and click the Continue button.

screenshot of EULA agreement on the Citrix site

Step 5: Download and Save the file

Save it in a place you will remember so that you can initiate the install in the next step.

screenshot of Citrix page and windows to execute the download

Step 6: Install the downloaded file

Launch the downloaded file and run the installation.

screenshot of Installation windows and commands to choose

Step 7: Login to  the Citrix Web Interface

Part 1: Login into the Citrix Server

Visit the secure URL: Login using your Network credentials, the same login and password that you use to start your computer.

screenshot of login screen to Citrix server


Part 2: Login to Citrix Web Interface

Enter your network login and password (the one you use at ALA every morning).

screenshot of Citrix Web Interface

Step 8: Launch etime

Click on the eTIME logo to launch eTIME.  It will open Internet Explorer.

screenshot of Application list within Citrix interface.

Step 9: Login to eTIME

Using your eTIME credentials you can track your time remotely.

screenshot of eTIME login screen as launched using Citrix interface