Change Outlook Password

Step 1: Visit the 123Together Control Panel

Visit the 123Together Control Panel at

Control Panel screenshot














Use your ALA email address and Outlook password (case sensitive and contains special characters) to login to the Control Panel.


Step 2: Choose "My Settings"

Located on the left nav:


Step 3: Choose the Change Password Command

Located on the menu to the left, you should see "Change Password".  Be sure to use both upper and lowercase letters and numbers as well as at least one "special" character (non-alpha numeric) to make the password a strong one.  Save your changes.

Enter your new password and save changes!

Step 4: Wait

Give the Exchange server about five (5) minutes to sync up with your Outlook.  When you login to your Outlook client or the OWA, the new password will be in effect.

In your Outlook client, you will need to enter your new password, but if you click the checkbox to remember your credentials, it will open automatically in the future.