BLOCK a Conference Room

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Find the bogus room block and learn why it won't work.  Zoom in for a closer look by pressing both [Ctrl] and [+] on most Windows browsers.

screenshot of reservation: Jack Gerts Meeting room and Projector listed in Resources field, Attendees listed in Optional and Required; Subject: ALA Cookoff Planning Committee; Agenda of activities included in body.

screenshot of reservation: Jack Gerts Meeting room and Projector listed along with Attendees Required field; Subject: ALA Cookoff Planning Committee; Agenda of activities included in body.

Watch the 5-minute video to block a meeting room

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5 Simple Steps to BLOCK a Meeting Room!

B    Begin with your calendar in Calendar View

If you start from your own calendar, you will be recorded as the Meeting Organizer with the rights to update or cancel the meeting as needed. You can also check the details such as resource and attendee availability using the Scheduler or opening a Shared Calendar.

Calendar view: Using right click in calendar time slot to show popup menu with Meeting Request command

L   Locate and use the Meeting Request command.

There are a half-dozen ways to start a meeting request, all of them right. You can:

  • Right click any time slot in your calendar and select  Meeting Request from the popup menu, or
  • Use the File menu to select a New meeting Request, or
  • Double (left) click in your calendar to start an appointment that will convert to a Meeting once you invite someone and add a Resource.

Organize the resources you need.

Once you click the To button in your Meeting Request, you can search for the Resources  you need.  Be sure to include the Projector/Laptop if you will actually use it in your meeting, that way you know you it won't be taken from the room in the event there is need for it in another room.

Use To button or the Scheduling view command on the ribbon to check resource availability and add resources

Be sure to select the room you want to book and enter it into the Resources field as well.

Hint: Select the resource you want with a single click, then once it is highlighted, click on the Resource field.  A double click in the search box will pull it to the Required field, because it is the default selected field.

Click OK when completed.

Search screenshot for Meeting room as well as Projector/Laptop resources

C    Check and Confirm

Before you send your reservation, double check the following:

  • "To" field to make sure the Resources you intended are included.   

  • "Location" field is auto populated with the Resources you selected.  You may want to edit the field if you need to.

  • Include a Subject line and Agenda. Indicate who the contact is for the room in case there are questions.


Check and confirm the To field has the resources and attendees as well as edit the Location field if you choose to.

Look for  confirmation or conflict message after you send off the request.  Please note, that if you have checked off notifications in the past, then you can check confirmation another way in the next step.

K   Know other ways to confirm the request

If the room is already booked, you will see this message indicating the a resource is unavailable, preventing you from booking it. 

Sample dialogs: "Meeting Room is already booked for the specified time. You must use anotehr time or find another resource" and "The resources for the meeting were successfully booked"

If you haven't checked the box saying not to show the dialog again, you will hopefully see that the resources have been booked successfully.  You can also use the Tracking button on the ribbon of the Meeting Request to confirm resource booking, the button is available after you save/send it. 


If you are having issues, send an email to or submit a TrackIT! ticket.