Android Mobile Device Setup

Step 1: Navigate to the Exchange Add Account page

From the Home screen on the Android Phone or Tablet,

Press the menu button and go to:

Select Settings ->

Select Accounts & Sync Settings ->

Select Add Account ->

Select Microsoft Exchange (or Corporate)
Note: On a Motorola Droid the path is: Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Corporate -> Manual

Add Account screenshot with MS Exchange selected












Step 2: Enter the Settings

Enter the exchange server settings in the appropriate fields.
Email: *******
Domain: leave blank
Username: Your email address
Password: Your Password

Ensure Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.  If available, check the box for "Accept All Certificates".
Click Next.

Credentials screen for Android Add Account

























Step 3: Wait for connection

Update screen for Android

Once the connection is successfully created, you will be prompted to select the data to sync to the server with then press finish setup to complete the process.