ALA Connect

What is ALA Connect

ALA Connect

  • A centralized space where official ALA groups work together online.
  • A space for communities of interest (unofficial ALA groups) set up by ALA staff at member request.

ALA members - your profile will be pre-populated with some of your work and contributions based on the facts ALA knows about you (e.g., if you're part of a division, how long you've been a member, what committees you've served on). You can add more details to your ALA Connect profile manually or import your Bio and Education information directly from a LinkedIn profile.

Non-Members - Can create a free account which allows them to participate in existing open communities and to download content posted publicly in public repositories. Other privileges such as viewing full member profiles or networking directly with members are limited to members only.


Getting Started

Visit our Getting Started Page which will help you navigate, setup your privacy settings, email notifications, Finding/Joining/Leaving Groups, and much more.

Check out these docs:

ALA Connect: Engage. Learn. Grow.