ALA Connect

New ALA Connect LIVE Training!

Below is a list of dates/times for upcoming learning opportunities for ALA Connect.  Take part in remote learning covering the basics every user needs to know.  Discover how to skillfully work in ALA Connect powered by Higher Logic. Users will learn basic tasks such as how to:

·         Navigate/Find/Browse Committees and Communities 

·         Contribute to the wiki-Glossary

·         Request new groups

·         Find/Create/Contribute to discussions

·         Share resources by uploading files,

·         Create Library Entries

·         Search content and people

These sessions promise an informative fast -paced time with a live expert ready to answer your questions in the New ALA Connect.  Ready to sign-up and save your space on a time below? Or Can’t find a time that works for you?  OR Are you a Community Admin that needs learning beyond the basics? Reach out to us at or contact Pam Akins or Julianna Kloeppel with the level of training and a few dates/times that works for you. 

Training Schedule

Sign up online for training with this form.

All remote sessions will happen at:

Participate using your computer mic and headset is encouraged, but if you must dial in, use:

877-679-9603; Participant Code 21632955#

Download the Adobe Connect Add-in before your session.

Why are the In-Person sessions longer?

Staff users of ALA Connect are also administrators and will receive administrator instruction.  If you are an administrator, let us know so we can extend the session time to accommodate you after we dismiss the basic users.

No time for Training? No problem!

Training videos and resources can be found on ALA Connect at the link below:

Remote Recording link from latest Session:

Upgrade Notes

9/12/17: The import of data from our previous ALA Connect database into the New ALA Connect system took much longer than anticipated by our vendor. This delay hindered our ability to perform testing and staff/member training. In addition, ALA has decided to implement some additional features, enhancements, and more training resources prior to launch. While we are working to bring the new ALA Connect online, we have made the existing ALA Connect available again to make group, committee, and community updates, share documents, and other tasks at .  Any data entered there will be migrated to the new ALA Connect before launch.
The new ALA Connect is getting closer to meeting our needs, and we are very excited about the functionality the Higher Logic platform offers us. Since our vendor confirmed the completion of the original migration of the more than 1,900 communities, we have been checking data integrity and ease of use. We have identified some missing communities and other data issues, and learned between Sept.8-9, that it will take additional time to resolve the remaining migration issues. We will notify you once we have a confirmed revised launch date for the new ALA Connect.

Contact Staff

Pamela Akins, Community Engagement Specialist, ITTS

Julianna Kloeppel, eLearning Specialist, ITTS

Roundtable Staff

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