I'm Rebecca Kuglitsch,  and I'm about to begin serving as the webmaster for the Science & Technology Section.

Relationship to ALA

John J. Meier is the chair of the section, and Amy Jiang & Rebecca Renririe are co-chairs of the publications committe of STS. The staff liaison for STS is Megan Griffin.

More about me

I am a science librarian at CU Boulder. I have no pets, but I enjoy living in an area of town with lots of wildlife. I've seen foxes, bobcats, and black bears in my yard. Fortunately they don't eat our garden like the deer would like to!
A picture of a koala bear. This koala bear is very much not the sort of bear we see in Colorado. Differences between koala bears and black bears include:

  • Diet: the black bear eats nearly anything; the koala eats only eucalyptus.
  • Danger: it is unfair to either bear to bother it, but a black bear would be much more dangerous to bother.
  • Size: black bears are considerably larger than koala bears.

I have seen black bears:

  1. in the zoo
  2. in my yard
  3. while hiking

Interested in excellent book about bears in the west? Rick Bass's The Lost Grizzlies is a good read. A pleasing quote:

"The mountains have always been here, and in them, the bears." [Text indentations are greyed out on my WYSIWYG editor. I am assuming this means they are deprecated?]

When I've completed this page, I'll help update some STS pages, like the section manual.