Add A Group Member (How-To)

If you are an Administrator for a Group on ALA Connect, you can add a member to the group with 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Start on the Group Page. 

Click on the number of members link underneath the group name to see the interface to add more members. This is at the top, to the left, just under the Group name.

click on the nubmer of members just underneath the group name on the group page to start

Step 2: Click "Add Members" tab.

As an admin, you should see a tab that will let you add new members. Click on that tab. 

Add members tab available to admin

Step 3: Add the new group member's names

Be sure to separate each entry with either a comma or new line. 

type or paste the usernames, separating with a comma or a space

Note: User Name in ALA Connect is the actual first and last name, which is sweet. 

the username is not first initial last name, but first and last which is nice.  You can search using the search tool in the upper right if you can't find someone you are looking for to confirm their username in the system.

Step 4: Click Add Users

Once you add the name(s), click Add Users button, the system will let you know if they were added successfully or not.

Message from ALA Connect that user was successfully added to the group