Feminist Task Force


Provides feminist perspectives and initiates action on issues related to libraries, librarianship, information services, and ALA. 



FTF Coordinator: Diedre Conkling

Amelia Bloomer Coordinators: Beth Olshewsky, Maureen McCoy

Moderator of The Feminist discussion group: Theresa A. Tobin

Website manager: Marie F. Jones


ALA's SRRT Feminist Task Force (FTF) was founded in 1970 by women deteremined to address sexism in libraries and librarianship. FTF was the first ALA group to focus on women's issues. Other ALA women's groups fostered by FTF include the standing ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL) and the Committee on Pay Equity, the RASD Discussion Group on Women's Materials and Women Library Users, The ACRL Women's Studies Section, and the LAMA Women Administrators Discussion Group. The Feminist Task Force continues to be one of SRRT's largest and most active groups, concerned with a broad, evolving set of feminist issues. 

Get Involved

To get involved, just come to our meetings. Meetings are held at both the ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences each yaer, and are announced in the program schedules. Listen for a bit to get a grasp on things, then suggest an activity or volunteer for a project you find compelling. We welcome all newcomers!

There are many opportunities to be involved, including serving as an officer (coordinator, treasurer, secretary, etc.), edit the newsletter Women in Libraries, help plan programs, and share ideas about things you would like FTF to do. 

For information on past meetings, see Conference Schedules, Agendas, and Minutes