Membership Committee


  • To propose, develop and implement strategies to increase membership
  • To retain existing members in the section
  • To serve as the public relations arm of STARS by promoting involvement in STARS committees and social events and making the community aware of STARS activities
  • To collaborate and coordinate with STARS committees on membership issues and services for the section and the division


Micquel Little  (Chair 2012-14)

Link to Current Roster


Current Initiatives

  • Administering and promoting STARGazers! (check it out!
  • Exploring the most effective method of contacting members and utilizing these methods to engage members to participate in STARS events and committees
  • Collaborating with all committees to highlight their work and benefits through marketing effects mentioned above!
  • Interested in sitting in on our next meeting!? Contact our Chair for more details!


  • Monthly meetings with some emails in between.  These meetings last about one hour and are done virtually.