Union List of Serials (with ALCTS Serials Section, Union List of Serials Committee) Working Group
2001 Annual Meeting

CHARGE: To brainstorm ways for our committees to work together to support accessibility of serials union list holdings for global resource sharing.

DISCUSSION: As might be expected since this committee was comprised of members with primarily OCLC experience, discussions centered on the same concerns as documented in the OCLC Ad Hoc Task Force on Union Listing Recommendations (2000).

  • The need for an inexpensive seamless automated updating process from the local online catalog to bibliographic utilities to produce accurate up-to-date information on serials union list holdings.
  • Guidelines needed for union listing of e-journals.
  • Need for an accessible database of accurate serials union list holdings for current and future products.


  • Broaden the make-up of the ULS Working Group Committee to include users of other bibliographic utilities as well as OCLC users.
  • Endorse the OCLC Task Force on Union Listing Recommendations.
  • Support the need for continual updating of serials union list holdings in bibliographic utilities (even with the knowledge that the system will never be accurate).
  • Publicize the information that batch loading serials holdings information is again available for OCLC records.
  • Publicize fees are cancelled for manually updating OCLC local data records.
  • Encourage dialogue with catalogers to express the need to know in local catalogs if e-journals are available for ILL use.
    • Such as the forum presented by OCLC Union List Users Group called, “You want to do what with my e-serials?” in San Francisco Sunday, June 17, 2001 at the San Francisco Hilton and Towers, Room Union Square 8, 5-6 PM.
  • Endorse need for libraries to negotiate with vendors for ILL use of copies from full text databases.
  • Support the development of basic set of specifications necessary for migration of holdings among systems of cooperative vendors to read detailed serials union list holdings that will lead to behind the scenes unmediated ILL.
  • Explore the possibility of a union catalog acting as a pointer to local systems for serials holdings and availability as an alternative to loading holdings information into a union list.
  • Investigate serial union list holding information being available no matter what database is searched and no matter what ILL system the borrowing institution has in place.

Marilyn Grush, Chair
University of Delaware