MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committtee OCLC Resource Sharing Update

ALA Midwinter, January 2004

If you have questions or comments about this update, please contact Collette Mak at or the OCLC staff member indicated below.

ILL Policies Directory: Libraries may now set their own supplier/non supplier status using the OCLC ILL Policies Directory. Click on “my units” then click on “change supplier status” then select non supplier and choose your start and end dates. Libraries choosing to go directly to the policies directory can now save their ILL authorization and password in a cookie for quicker logons.

The ILL Policies Directory will be featured at the OCLC Booth during exhibit hours.

For more information contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or OCLC Customer Support.

FirstSearch Staff View: OCLC introduced a staff view into FirstSearch, August 2003. To use the staff view, add your ILL authorization(s) in the FirstSearch administrative module (fulfillment, staff ILL settings). This allows you to log on directly into the staff view from the FirstSearch logon screen or, to upgrade any current FirstSearch session to staff view using your OCLC ILL authorization and password.

The staff view includes additional information such as OCLC control number and cataloging source as well as supplier status on holding displays—data that’s important to staff but confusing to library users. This allows staff to create OCLC ILL requests, including lender strings, directly through FirstSearch. Staff may also continue to route requests to Direct Request Profiles or to the Review File. All FirstSearch features are available to staff including linking to your OPAC, NCIP, distributed Z39.50 searching and evaluative content.

We will be enhancing the staff view regularly over the next several months to support the full OCLC ILL workflow including lending and batch updating.

For more information contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or OCLC Customer Support.

Group Catalog: Groups can now create their group union catalog through WorldCat as an add-on to their WorldCat subscription. Group Catalog allows libraries present their group’s holdings through WorldCat on FirstSearch or through Z39.50. Groups can choose as many groups as they need, for example, a group may be state-wide with subgroups to represent library type, regions, delivery routes, or collection expertise. Library users can search the catalog and easily expand their search to libraries worldwide.

OCLC Group Catalog includes all the features of FirstSearch, including authentication, links to OPACs, evaluative content and interaction with OCLC ILL.

For more information contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider.

OCLC ILL: OCLC ILL is moving! Over the next several months OCLC ILL will be integrated fully into FirstSearch. This allows us to offer more functionality and to integrate patron self-service with traditional ILL as well as reducing the number of interfaces staff need to learn. OCLC will continue to support Passport (for ILL) the ILL ME and ILL Web interface at least through December 2004. While we will be sunsetting those software packages at some point after December 2004 we do not yet have a firm date. We will give libraries a minimum of 3 months notice for end-of-support and end-of-life.

We will be holding special resource sharing discussions at ALA Midwinter—if you’d like to participate please see the RSVP form at the end of this update.

For more information contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or Collette Mak

Union Listing: NLM is now sending quarterly updates to allow SERHOLD libraries to update their serials holdings information in OCLC. Over 300 libraries are taking advantage of this program. There is no charge for this service, medical libraries just need to go into DOCUSER and grant NLM permission to share the data with OCLC.

Please contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider for more information.

OCLC ILLIAD: Version 6. 3 OCLC ILLiad introduces Z39.50, interaction with Direct Request and an improved billing module with new reports and the ability to control access through system logon. This will allow libraries to allow their financial offices to administer billing without access to borrowing and lending. Z39.50 searching greatly streamlines lending by allowing libraries to search their local system, view the status and import the call number and location into ILLiad using Z39.50. Interoperability with Direct Request means libraries no longer need to choose between the efficiencies of OCLC Direct Request and OCLC ILLiad—you can have both!

Considering ILLiad? Tony Melvyn will be providing 4 product demonstrations:
Saturday, January 10
· 1:00-2:30 OCLC Green Suite
· 3:00-4:30 OCLC Green Suite

Sunday, January 11
· 9:00-10:30 OCLC Green Suite
· 11:00-12:30 OCLC Green Suite

To register for one of these sessions go to
click on the session you’re interested in.

Already using ILLiad and want an update on new and upcoming features? There will a special overview of 6.3 for current ILLiad users:
Sunday 1:302:30 OCLC Red Suite
click on the session you’re interested in.

Contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or Tony Melvyn at

OCLC Resource Sharing meetings at ALA

OCLC ILL Users Group
Sunday, January 11, 4:30-5:30, U.S. Grant Hotel, Grand Ballroom A

OCLC ILLiad Users Group
Sunday, January 11, 5:30-5:30, U.S. Grant Hotel, Grand Ballroom D

OCLC Union List Users Group
Saturday, January 10, 4:30-5:30 Westin Horton Plaza, Plaza A

OCLC Update Breakfast
Sunday, January 11, 7:00-9:00 a.m. Manchester Grand Hyatt, Manchester G-I

To register for any of these session:

Special meeting: OCLC: Call For Volunteers
OCLC is looking for volunteers to participate in two resource sharing discussion groups at ALA Midwinter in San Diego. The groups will discuss a variety of topics relating to current workflows, transitioning to the future ILL system, and specific requirements for future staff and patron interfaces.

If you would like to volunteer please complete the following questionnaire and return it to by December 19th.

OCLC Symbol:

ILL systems/interfaces used and rough estimate of percentage used:
Ex: Passport 40%, ILL ME 60%:
Passport for Windows:
ILL MicroEnhancer:
ILL Web interface:

Do you have the FirstSearch/ILL link turned on? Yes No

Do you use ILL Direct Request Profiles? Yes No
If No, why?

Which session would you like to attend?

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Sun 10:00 -11:00 Prefer Only time available