MOUSS ILL Committeee Liaison Report--OCLC

ALA June 2003

If you have questions or comments about this update, please contact Collette Mak at or the OCLC staff member indicated below.

ILL Policies Directory: The OCLC ILL Policies Directory was released February 2003 and will replace the Name-Address Directory (NAD) for ILL policy, contact and site information August 2003. In May the directory was enhanced to improve searching, add ‘international’ and ‘reciprocal’ borrower as well as adding group records. In addition search results can be displayed as symbols to assist in creating/modifying custom holdings.

The ILL Policies Directory will be featured at the OCLC Booth during exhibit hours.
Contact Mark Tullos at for more information.

FirstSearch Staff View: OCLC will be introducing a staff view for FirstSearch targeted for August, 2003. The staff view includes additional information such as OCLC control number and cataloging source as well as supplier status on holding displays—data that’s important to staff but confusing to library users. Using the staff view ILL staff can create requests, including lender strings, and send the request to OCLC ILL. All FirstSearch features will be available to staff including linking to your OPAC, NCIP, distributed Z39.50 searching and evaluative content. Any
OCLC ILL library with a FirstSearch subscription may use this feature; you’ll log into the staff view using your current OCLC ILL authorization and password.

For more information contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or OCLC User and Network Support.

In-bound and Out-bound linking (getting to content!): Use FirstSearch but want to link to e-content outside of FirstSearch? Have other services, such as Ebsco, but want to use the e-content you license through FirstSearch? Yes you can. In-bound and Out-bound linking allows you to link your library customers in or out of FirstSearch to your preferred content source.

Depending on the information services you provide, you have two options for linking with OCLC services. Through inbound linking users can link to OCLC interlibrary loan, netLibrary eBooks, JSTOR archives and Infotrieve document delivery. Outbound linking allows you to link from FirstSearch to other online services, your library catalogs and other library catalogs.

For more information, see or contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or OCLC User and Network Support.

Union Listing: In December 2002 we linked union list data to FirstSearch WorldCat. In March 2003 we extended that to ISSN-based databases. Union listing now appears in all appropriate FirstSearch databases.

OCLC and NLM can now exchange union list information! Beginning July 2003 NLM will send quarterly updates of SERHOLD data to OCLC. Any SERHOLD library that also uses OCLC can take advantage of this service. Just go into DOCUSER to give NLM permission to share your SERHOLD data with OCLC. There is no charge for this service, just give NLM permission to share your SERHOLD data and we’ll do the rest.

Please contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider for more information.

OCLC ILLIAD: Version 6. 2 OCLC ILLiad introduces Odyssey. Odyssey enhances ILLiad’s document delivery component with scan and send functionality as well as completely hands-free delivery through it’s trusted sender feature. Using trusted sender ILLiad will accept copies through Odyssey, update the request, mount the article to your server and notify the customer automatically. Coming soon, ILLiad 6.3 supports Z39.50 searching.

Considering ILLiad? In addition to the OCLC booth there will be 2 special product demonstrations:
Saturday, June 21 9:00-11:00 OCLC Green Suite
Sunday, June 22 1:30-3:00 OCLC Green Suite
To register for one of these sessions go to
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Already using ILLiad and want an update on new and upcoming features? There will be 2 special product updates for current ILLiad users:
Saturday 12:00-2:00 OCLC Blue Suite
Sunday 10:30-12:30 OCLC Blue Suite
click on the session you’re interested in.

Contact your OCLC Regional Service Provider or Tony Melvyn at

OCLC Resource Sharing meetings at ALA

OCLC ILL/Union List/ILLiad Users Group Meeting
Sunday, June 24:30-6:00 Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, Forest Hill Ballroom

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