Iinterlibrary Loan Committee

Liaison to Licensing Entities Working Group

Committee Report

The charge to the Liaison to Licensing Entities Working Group was to investigate what liaison connections the RUSA/MOUSS/ILL Committee and its constituents need to keep abreast of current licensing issues and practices.

The members of this working group are Cyril Oberlander, Jill Ortner, Christine Robben, Rick Uttich, Kay Vynanek, and Angela Wright (Chair).

The group was originally convened via email. Cyril Oberlander subsequently developed a WebCT setup for the group to use. This enabled members to review input and respond at their convenience.

Although, the charge was to identify liaison opportunities, the group did engage in a general discussion of licensing issues.


  • Many ILL librarians do not utilize electronic resources for lending because they are not sure of the legality of doing so.
  • Many acquisitions departments do not require language that would ensure the right to perform ILL transactions from electronic resources

Indicators of Licensing Impact on ILL

  • Lower fill rates due to policies restricting use of electronic resources
  • Duplication of resources if ILL if forced to continue using paper format (increase costs)

Most Closely Related Listserv

Useful Resources on Licensing Issues


Based on the research that was done and the discussions that ensued, it would appear that the best way for the ILL Committee to support a licensing liaison for the ILL community is to provide a vehicle to distribute current information on resources that are available. Several organizations are doing work in the area of licensing and workshops are being offered. Since there are various resources and entities, the liaison could act as a clearinghouse of information to insure currency. Using the information contained in this report as a start, the liaison could revise and update the information prior to each Annual and/or Midwinter meeting. The information could then be disseminated in paper to those attending the ILL Committee meeting(s) and electronically to the ILL community via the listserv.