Interlibrary Loan Committee--Canadian Liaison Report

San Diego, CA, January 2004

1. Library and Archives Canada


The transformation of the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada into one institution continues apace. One of the more obvious changes is to our name, which is now Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Our deadline for complete integration is April 1, 2004.

We are pleased to announce that, beginning early in January, 2004, the Interlibrary Loan Division will be handling all of the requests for archival microfilm that are currently being sent to the National Archives. We hope that this early initiative in streamlining will lead to improved service for all of our clients. Keep an eye out on the ill-l discussion list for an announcement with further details.


After a successful pilot project to test the viability of a post-to-web service, Library and Archives Canada will be launching a post-to-web document delivery service early in January 2004. This will change our default delivery options to Ariel as first choice, post-to-web as second choice, fax as third choice. For those libraries that do not have Ariel, e-mail or fax, regular mail is also an option. More information about the post-to-web service is available at


Library and Archives Canada has completed interoperability testing with OCLC and is planning to start exchanging ISO messages in January 2004. This will change the way the LAC communicates with OCLC libraries so that the real status of ILL requests is reflected in the OCLC workforms. Watch for additional information on the ill-l discussion list in January 2004.

2. Canadian Library Association (CLA)


In June of 2004 CLA will hold its annual conference in conjunction with the British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) in Victoria, British Columbia, from June 16-19. CLA President Madeleine Lefebvre invites you to join her in Celebrating Our Community: Sharing Our Values and Sharing our Value. Keep an eye out for conference information on CLA’s website at

And don’t forget to check out the Victoria tourism website at and then plan to join us for tea at the Empress!

3. Ontario Digital Library

A business plan has just been forwarded to the provincial government on behalf of Ontario's public, school, university and college libraries. The business plan calls for support for the Ontario Digital Library, and seeks to co-ordinate the $150 million (CAN) that is spent each year on electronic information by the 6,500 individual libraries in the province.

Submitted by:
Carol Smale
A/Director General
Research and Information Services
Library and Archives Canada