Interlibrary Loan Committee

Form Revision Working Group
Summary Report of Group Activities
14 January 2002


Paul Drake, Douglas Hasty (chair), Mary Hollerich, Mary Jackson, Russell Palmer, Sam Sayre, Ursula Scholz, Cherie Weible, Mary Wilke


To produce a revised version of the current RUSA-MOUSS-Interlibrary Loan ALA.


  1. To update, edit, add, and/or delete fields from the current ALA ILL Form if and as required by current ILL processing needs; and
  2. To produce a revised electronic version of the ALA ILL Form and have it posted on the RUSA-MOUSS website located at

Summary Report

  • A website was created for the working group --
  • Kirk Samson, Mississippi State Library Commission, volunteered to create an interactive PDF version of the current ALA ILL Form in PDF. His form was posted on the working group website.
  • Working group members provided comments about the current ALA-ILL and Kirk Samson versions of the form; comments were posted on the website.
  • Mary Jackson created an ALA ILL Form terminology work sheet, which divides the fields and text of the ALA ILL Form into separate sections for editing and review. Members will comment and the final suggestions will be incorporated into the revised version.
  • Cherie Weible volunteered to work on the PDF version of the form. Work creating this format continues.
  • Some problems with producing an interactive PDF version, but work continues to achieve this version (Adobe loads the program on the screen; the borrowing library's operator fills in the fields on-screen, and prints a clean, typewritten copy available for mailing, faxing, or Arieling).
  • The working group's goal is to have this project completed by the Annual 2002 Meeting.