MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committee--Center for Research Libraries Report

ALA 2004 Midwinter Conference

CRL is pleased to announce that on October 1, 2003 we started accepting requests through ILL Manager. Over 5% of our requests are currently coming through ILL Manager. Turnaround time as provided by CLIO's Lending Time Turnaround Report shows CRL processes over 90% of returnable loans, 89% of non-returnable copies were filled within 24 hours. This is an improvement over the statistics reported at the Annual Conference of 72% for returnable loans and 74% for non-returnable copies.

As of writing, 225,983 foreign doctoral dissertations have been cataloged. Records for these items appear in OCLC, WorldCat, CRL's OPAC, and the union catalogs of OhioLINK and Orbis Cascade Alliance.

As of writing this, the votes for FY04 Purchase Proposals are still outstanding. The deadline for CRL’s voting members to return their ballot is December 19, 2003. An update as to voting results will be given at the Midwinter Conference.

For information about the purchase proposal process, or to nominate candidates for FY05, please contact Mary Wilke, User Services Liaison, at (800) 621-6044, ext. 351, or e-mail

FY03 Purchase Proposals Titles which have been received and cataloged since the Annual ALA Conference are:

Churchill at War
The Prime Minister’s Office Papers, 1940-1945.

Fighting for the Vote
The Suffragette Fellowship (previous title: Women’s Social and Political Emancipation).

Foreign Office Files: United States of American Series Two: Vietnam, 1959-1975
Part 1: Vietnam, 1959-1975.
Part 2: Laos, 1959-1963.
Part 3: Cambodia, 1959-1963.

Foreign Office files for Cuba
Part 1: Revolution in Cuba, 1959-1960.
Part 2: Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961, 2003.

La Gaceta , Diario Oficial (Nicaragua)
Feb. 7, 1845-Dec. 4, 1847; Nov. 22, 1851-Dec 17, 1853; Jan 1858-1946, 1995-1999.

Russian Archives
Series 1: the International Department, 1953-1957.
Series 2: the General Department Central Committee 1953-1966.

US Espionage and Intelligence
Organization, operations and Management, 1947-1996

CRL, the University of Iowa, and five other CRL voting-member libraries joined together to fund the acquisition of the major microform set — Correspondence of Johann Caspar Lavater. The set was given a favorable rating in the 2003 voting round of the Center’s Purchase Proposals Program, but sufficient funds were not available to purchase all proposed materials. Later CRL was able to assemble a small number of interested members to enable the purchase to be made. Contributing members were the University of Iowa, Duke University, McGill University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Yale University. Now that the Lavater Correspondence has been acquired, the collection will be available to all CRL members


Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland (OCLC #43612778) Installments 7-9
The books and manuscripts of John Dee, 1527-1608. Part 6 (OCLC #26456492)
Comintern Archive, 1917-1940. Series 2, Plenum (OCLC #38328141) Plenums 1-6
Gallicanism and ultramontanism in Catholic Europe in the 18th century. (OCLC # 53372368)
La presse (OCLC # 12049393) (27 reels) 1836-1849
Standard (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (OCLC #52780026) (127 reels) [1861-1874; 1938-1939; 1942-1959] acquired through LAMP.


American Overseas Digital Library (AODL)
AODL is an international, collaborative project to build a centralized, Web-based repository of the bibliographic and digital content available at 19 separate American overseas research centers in the eastern hemisphere and make these materials freely available to scholars and researchers worldwide. It also involves the creation of new bibliographic content like journal article indexes for titles that have never before been available to the academic community.

In addition to providing open access to rare and/or unique materials from these various centers, in accordance with CRL's overall mission, the AODL will allow CRL to further expand its network of partnerships to international regions where CRL previously has had little influence. This will give CRL access to an even greater body of international resources, contacts, and expertise on which it may draw in the future. For more information about this project please see:

Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD)
CRL has begun cooperating with the Association of African Universities on the DATAD project, a program to improve management and access to African scholarly material. The DATAD database contains citations and abstracts for theses and dissertations completed in African universities. DATAD has received transitional funding to develop a plan to continue and expand its program. CRL is participating in this next phase by helping them develop an organizational business plan for sustainable growth of the project, consultation on intellectual property and copyright issues, and the creation of working documents and procedures for managing DATAD content and intellectual assets, partnership agreements and contractual agreements.

This is important to CRL members in that it will provide bibliographic access to resources in Africa and will set the stage for future cooperation in the provision of this material to US researchers.

Political Communications Web Archive
The PCWA is a planning grant to investigate the curatorial, technical, and long term management issues of capturing and preserving Web-based political communications. Much like the printed ephemera of the 20th century, the Web is becoming a vital medium to deliver political messages. The CRL project is working with several institutions to test models of cooperative identification, capture, and access to archived Web sites from various world regions. The project will recommend the most appropriate methodologies for this curator-driven program.

This is important to CRL members who are struggling with the issues of identification, selection, and preservation of Web-based resources for their institutions. It will benefit scholars and researchers interested in the use of the Web as a force for communication and change. It fits the CRL mission of cooperative collection of difficult material from international regions. For more information about this project please see: