MOUSS ILL Committee--Center for Research Libraries Report

ALA 2003 Annual Conference


Turnaround time as provided by CLIO's Lending Time Turnaround Report shows CRL processes 74% of non-returnable ILLs within 48 hours, and 72% of returnable ILLs within 48 hours for the period of January through May 2003. This is an improvement over the Lending Time Turnaround Report for the time period of July through December 2002 that showed 55% of non-returnable ILL were processed within 48 hours and 48% of returnable ILLs were processed within 48 hours.


As of writing, over 163,000 foreign doctoral dissertations have been cataloged since January 2002. Records for these items appear in OCLC, WorldCat, CRL's OPAC, and the union catalogs of OhioLINK and ORCA.


CRL is pleased to announce that it is able to respond to members' requests to re-start subscriptions to U.S. general circulation newspapers. The specific newspapers were selected on the basis of circulation and in consultation with the Center's Collections and Services Advisory Panel. As a result of favorable negotiations with vendors, the Center will re-start subscriptions to thirteen general circulation newspapers and acquire all back files for 2001 and 2002. Thus, the Center will have continuous runs for some of the newspaper subscriptions that were suspended in 2000 because of budget deficits.

If resources are available and opportunities occur to re-start additional subscriptions that were suspended, the Center will do so, based on the priorities set through discussions with the Collections and Services Advisory Panel.

The titles restarted this year are:
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Daily News (New York, N.Y.)
Dallas Morning News
Denver Post
Detroit Free Press
Kansas City Star
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
Philadelphia Inquirer
Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio: 1961)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Sun (Baltimore, Md.: 1837)


In continuation of CRL's commitment to purchase the entire 1930 census, orders for the following states were placed along with the Soundex (when available):

Michigan - 106 census reels, no Soundex.
North Carolina - 60 census reels, 169 Soundex reels.
Pennsylvania - 209 census reels, no Soundex.
South Carolina - 33 census reels, 109 Soundex reels.
Louisiana - 45 census reels, 146 Soundex reels.
New Jersey - 84 census reels, no Soundex.
District of Columbia - 14 census reels, no Soundex.
Indiana - 66 census reels, no Soundex.

These sets will join the following sets received and cataloged last year:

New York


The Center for Research Libraries is pleased to announce the results of this year’s Purchase Proposals balloting. The following major microform sets will be purchased before June 30, 2003. The list price for all approved purchases totals above $126,000. (In some cases the list price includes shipping and handling charges in other cases, shipping and handling is not included in the list price.) All material will be available for interlibrary loan at no charge for any member library.

For information about the purchase proposal process, or to nominate candidates for FY04, please contact Mary Wilke, User Services Liaison, at (800) 621-6044, ext. 351, or e-mail

Purchase Proposals Titles Have Been Ordered this Fiscal Year (FY03) by CRL (in alphabetical order):

Churchill at War
The Prime Minister’s Office Papers, 1940-1945.

Fighting for the Vote
The Suffragette Fellowship (previous title: Women’s Social and Political Emancipation).

Foreign Office Files: United States of American Series Two: Vietnam, 1959-1975
Part 1: Vietnam, 1959-1975.
Part 2: Laos, 1959-1963.
Part 3: Cambodia, 1959-1963.

Foreign Office files for Cuba
Part 1: Revolution in Cuba, 1959-1960.
Part 2: Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961, 2003.

La Gaceta , Diario Oficial (Nicaragua)
Feb. 7, 1845-Dec. 4, 1847; Nov. 22, 1851-Dec 17, 1853; Jan 1858-1946, 1995-1999.

Revolutionary Mexico in newspapers 1900-1929.

Russian Archives
Series 1: the International Department, 1953-1957.
Series 2: the General Department Central Committee 1953-1966.

US Espionage and Intelligence
Organization, operations and Management, 1947-1996


The International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON) develops strategies to preserve and improve access to newspapers from around the world; it is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and housed at the Center for Research Libraries. ICON is developing a dynamic union list of non-U.S. newspapers and holdings, which will enable researchers to locate newspaper holdings worldwide. An important step toward this goal is to survey institutions regarding the size, scope, and state of their international newspaper collections. They've designed a simple survey available as an online form at:

A version of the survey in Microsoft Word format (at is also available for those who might want to gather information before copying-and-pasting into the form.

Libraries are asked to identify their institution’s most appropriate contact for non-U.S. newspapers (newspaper or serials librarian, preservation officer, reference librarian—some questions might require knowledge or input from several areas), answer as many of the questions as possible, and register their responses by July 25, 2003. In hopes of obtaining a snapshot of international newspaper collections across North America, we’re distributing this survey as broadly as possible, so there may be some duplication. The results will be invaluable for ICON’s present objectives and future planning, which in turn will benefit newspaper users and the larger research community. Please contact the ICON project coordinator Melissa Roser ( with any questions or problems.


The new version of the CRL website is scheduled to go online in July. This new version is designed to allow easier navigation, especially regarding information about CRL collections. The main web address ( will remain unchanged, improvements in the site's architecture will mean that some lower level pages will have new URL's. Automatic redirection will be installed for the most frequently accessed and commonly linked pages, while inquiries to older page addresses will be redirected to the main CRL webpage, where users can search for the new location. Members are requested to verify any links on their own websites to insure that all existing links remain fully operational. The late June changeover date has been chosen to allow members time to make any required changes to links on their own websites before the period of increased activity at the start of the academic year. Notification of the official changeover will be sent over the CRL electronic mailing list “CRL Online” approximately one week before the change.

As noted previously, this is the first phase of the website project, primarily designed to make existing data more easily navigable. In the months ahead, we will expand the information available on the site and establish the CRL site as a platform for communication and exchange of information on specific CRL projects by CRL interest groups.

Also, CRL is designing a new “user brochure” to help member libraries inform their patrons about the variety and scope of the Center’s collections and expand their use. This small brochure will provide an overview of CRL’s holdings to patrons who may be unaware of the materials they can borrow from the Center through interlibrary loan or who may have used one type of materials from the Center but are unaware of the CRL’s other collection strengths. Members will be able to distribute these copies directly to faculty and students of academic departments and have them available at their reference and interlibrary loan offices. Each member will receive an initial quantity of these brochures, and additional copies will be available upon request.