ILL Committee Liaison Report--Center for Research Libraries

ALA 2002 Annual Conference
Atlanta, Georgia

Strategic Planning

In April CRL promulgated a new strategic plan that outlines programmatic directions for the five-year period 2002 through 2006. The plan is based upon a multi-year, organization-wide strategic planning effort and reassessment of the Center's programs and services by independent task forces, CRL member representatives, and other stakeholders. The recent report of the Center's Collection Assessment Task Force, a November 2001 planning retreat of the Center's Board of Directors, and intensive study and deliberations by the staff and administration of the Center culminated in the promulgation of the plan and its adoption by the Board in March.

There are four objectives established for the Center in the plan:

  1. Strengthen CRL cooperative collecting and resource development programs. We will increase emphasis on successful CRL cooperative programs that are driven by member demand, such as the Purchase Proposal program and the Area Studies Microfilming Projects (AMPs) and adapt these models to the development and preservation of digital resources for scholarship in area studies.
  2. Increase the visibility and use of CRL collections and resources. We will strategically assess current holdings, create more metadata on those holdings and more effectively push that metadata out to users through a number of means, and we will expand digital delivery. We will also subject prospective new collecting areas and collections to rigorous cost-benefit analysis before adding them to CRL holdings.
  3. Promote and support cooperation on the national and global levels for the cooperative preservation of print and digital scholarly materials. Here we will build upon CRL's role as "fallback" repository and provider of hard copy materials to support "industry-wide" efforts for the cooperative retention of artifactual materials and persistence of digital resources.
  4. Expand and diversify the pool of resources and revenue streams for CRL activities. We will reduce CRL reliance on voting member fees as the primary source of revenue through diversification of CRL funding sources and fee structures. The full text of the strategic plan is available on the Center's web site at

New Procedure for Recalls

New procedures for recalling materials are being implemented in order to improve turn around time in filling requests for materials out on loan. The first recall notice sent will allow one month's time for the institution to return the material. At the end of one month, if the material is not returned, a second notice will be sent allowing two weeks. If need be, a third notice will be sent allowing for an additional two weeks to return the material. After that, if the material is not returned, the institution will be billed for lost material, and CRL will attempt to replace the material.

CRL Quick Search Page

The best place to start searching our holdings is with the CRL Quick Search Page ( This page brings together links to a variety of finding aids and tools. This last year, a link to a finding aid for CRL's U.S. College Catalogs Collection was added. ( This has lead to an increase of interest in and requests for items in our U.S. College Catalog Collection. More finding aids will be added to this page as they are created.

Cataloging CRL's Foreign Doctoral Dissertation Collection

As a result of the Collections Assessment Task Force's recommendation, and a grant from the Mellon Foundation, CRL has begun cataloging its retrospective collection of foreign doctoral dissertations. The records will appear in both our OPAC and OCLC. All incoming dissertations, whether from demand purchase, exchange or deposit, are being cataloged too. At the time of writing, more than 20,000 dissertations have been cataloged.

Turnaround Times for Demand Purchase Dissertations

A list showing the average turnaround times for the 10 institutions CRL most often orders dissertations from has been adding to the following URL: Just below this is a list of the 5 most common reasons dissertations orders can take so long to be received.

Purchase Proposals

Based on voting members' preferences, CRL will be purchasing the following titles and sections/installments. All material will be available for interlibrary loan at no charge for any member library. The list price for all approved purchases totals over $166,200.

1.) BIBLIOTHEK DER FRAUENFRAGE IN DEUTSCHLAND (installments 1-6) Library of the "Woman Question" in Germany
(Harald Fischer Verlag--U.S. Dist. IDC Publishers)
List price $25,000

(Adam Matthew Publications)
Section III: Central Records
Part 10: The Missionary Papers, 1816-1867, CMS Monthly Paper, 1828-1829, A Quarterly Token for Juvenile Subscribers, 1856-1878 & 1888-1917, The Home Gazette, 1905-1906, and The CMS Gazette, 1907-1934
List Price: $1,250

CMSA Section III: Central Records
Part 11: General Review of Missions, 1919, Annual Reports, 1922-1944 and CMS Historical Record, 1944-1986 List Price: $2,700 CMSA Section IV: Africa Missions Part 14: Egypt Mission, 1889-1934
List price $2,175

CMSA Section IV: Africa Missions
Part 15: Egypt Mission, 1889-1949
List Price: $1,800

CMSA SectionVI: Missions to India
Part 1: India General, 1811-1815,and North India Mission, 1815-1881
List price $2,500

CMSA Section VI: Missions to India
Part 2: North India Mission, 1815-1881
List Price $3,750

Living Standards, Norms and Values of Various Groups of Soviet People in the 1920s and 1930s
(IDC Publishers)
List Price $9,500

Resources from the University of California, Berkeley
(Norman Ross Publishing)
List price $15,000

(Scholarly Resources, Inc.)
Central America (16 reels)
Colombia (11 reels), Costa Rica (5 reels) List price $2,080
Cuba (24 reels) List price $3,120
Ecuador (5 reels), El Salvador (30 reels) List price $4,550
Mexico (16 reels) List price $2,080
Nicaragua (20 reels) List price $2,600

(Scholarly Resources, Inc.)
List price $51,350

7.) THE UNITED STATES AND THE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR: The Betty Miller Unterberger Collection Of Documents
(Scholarly Resources, Inc.)
List Price $3,250

(Barcelona) (Dist. Norman Ross Publishing)
Years 1881-1937
List Price $31,425

Non Purchase Proposals Orders

CRL will be setting up a standing order for the entire 1930 census (U.S. National Archives. Microfilm publication T626, Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930.) We will be ordering by individual state, and voting members will be polled as to their preferences regarding ordering priority.

Members were asked to submit their preferences regarding possible restarts of 57 domestic newspaper titles in microfilm that had been cancelled due to budget shortfall in FY00 and FY01. Responses are being duly compiled.

Area Studies Update (including DSAL)

The Digital South Asia Library project (DSAL) is continuing to bring important and rare resources to the international community via the WWW. Current work includes a web version of the American Institute for Indian Studies' (AIIS) photo archive. To date we have loaded over 94,000 records covering sculpture and architecture from the Subcontinent and the region (some images from western Southeast Asia and some from eastern Central Asia). The books and journals section of DSAL has grown in the last few months with the addition of three journal titles. Bibliographic databases contain over 174,000 records for materials not held in the US. Recent efforts have been focused on scanning maps and using GIS software to integrate maps with historical statistical data. The URL of the project is

The Area Studies Microform Projects continued many of their previous efforts to microfilm important and rarely held material from other regions of the world. Some of these efforts include:

  • Malawi, Tanzanian, and Malian newspapers (CAMP)
  • Nepali newspapers acquired from the Madan Puraskar Pustakalya librari in Kathmandu (SAMP)
  • Russian Regional Newspapers, 1991-2000 (SEEMP)
  • Algerian newspapers (MEMP)

Many of the Area Studies groups held their annual meetings in the Spring, leading to a number of new projects approved. These include original filming of Southeast Asian newspapers held at Cornell University, Indonesian political tabloids concerning recent elections, and historical Marathi and Panjabi journals.

CRL continues to assemble guides to microform collections, which are being mounted on Web site. These include the "Gedney Collection of Thai material" for SEAM, "African Training and Research Centre for Women" publications for CAMP, and leftist publications from Argentina for LAMP. More are in process and will be made available soon.

Prepared by
Mary Wilke
with contributions from Bernard Reilly, James Simon, Carol Stukey, and Kevin Wilks.