ILL Committee Working Group Report--Code Promotion

Summary Report, ALA Midwinter 2003 Conference

Working Group Charge

To promote the revised version of the ILL Code and Supplementary Documentation by establishing a network to disseminate this information to ILL practitioners


Emaly Conerly, Chair, Scherelene Schatz, Lars Leon, Naomi Krym, Charlotte Dugan, Kay Vyhnanek, and Merle Slyhoff

Summary Report

  • ·The membership and direction of the group was determined by email communication.
  • Emaly Conerly divided the United States up into 9 regions with approximately 6 states in each region. A member was assigned to these regions. Merle Slyhoff will be the liaison to law libraries and was not assigned a region. The committee members will contact various agencies, etc. such as state libraries, state library associations, regional consortia, listservs, etc.
  • Lars Leon wrote a sheet highlighting the revisions of the Revised Code and Supplemental Documentation. This will be reviewed and put into a flyer format that can be sent out to the state/regional contacts.
  • Lars Leon also said that he would work with vendors to get them to support the revision of the Code.
  • The group will continue working on getting the flyer complete and establishing contacts.
  • The group will need more members to complete the work