ILL Committee Liaison Report-CISTI

ALA 2003 Midwinter Conference, January 23-29, 2003
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


CISTI continues to offer an economical solution for its clients. For the second year in a row CISTI has decided not to raise prices for its core Document Delivery Services while at the same time maintaining and even enhancing service to the clients.

Since July, CISTI has released the following new enhancements to its Document Delivery System:

  • Extended order processing (scanning & delivery) to fully cover all North American and additional International time zones.
  • Allowing the input of an alternate fax number on order forms for delivery to a non-registered fax address.
  • Open URL ordering links made to EBSCOhost and SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts Service). Negotiations continue with other vendors. Please contact for information about using this standard to submit ILL requests to CISTI.
  • Continuing changes to internal order processing systems and hardware to speed delivery and improve image quality

CISTI is looking for libraries to participate in a trial of an extended hour Urgent Service to 8PM ET starting in January. If you are interested in participating, please contact the CISTI Help Desk at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US).

CISTI continues to maintain a broad collection in the fields of science, technology and medicine to better meet the demands of its document delivery clients. CISTI is now expanding its collection in the health, nursing and allied sciences. For documents in the agricultural sciences, CISTI has renewed its partnership with the Canadian Agriculture Library.

For information on how to order or receive documents from CISTI, visit our web site at or contact us at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-9251.


CISTI Source is more user-friendly than ever with recent improvements to author searching. The change in functionality is most noticeable when using a basic search strategy in the author index. Previously, entering an author's surname generated results consisting of only the exact name entered - excluding first names and initials. Now searching on a surname will generate a much broader set of results by automatically including all authors by that surname, regardless of first initial. Other aspects of author searching that we've improved include searching for hyphenated and compound names, and truncation without requiring the use of quotation marks.

As ever, the broad coverage and flexible design of CISTI Source is seamlessly integrated with CISTI's Document Delivery services. CISTI Source makes an excellent gateway to periodical literature for your local, electronic, and remote collections. With CISTI Source, you can find it all in one place.

For more information on CISTI Source, please visit our web site at For a free trial account or to discuss subscription and gateway options, contact CISTI by e-mail at, and by phone at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-1350.


In an effort to make their 15 e-journals more affordable to libraries, NRC Research Press has lowered its 2003 site license prices by 15%! This is welcome news when most publishers are raising their prices by an average of 10%.

The Gerhard Herzberg, An Illustrious Life in Science by Boris Stoicheff biography, the first book in the new NRC Research Press biography series, is now available. Sales have been brisk.

For more information on developments at NRC Research Press, visit our web site at:


CISTI’s redesigned web site was launched in December, featuring an action-oriented structure, a sleeker client information and registration system, clearer instructions for new users, and a new catalogue interface.

The site redesign was driven by two priorities: making it easier for clients to get things done on the site, such as registering, changing their client information, searching the catalogue, ordering a document, and reading an article from NRC Research Press journals; and meeting new regulations for all web sites of the Government of Canada, of which CISTI is a part.

The new regulations, known as “Common Look and Feel” are meant to ensure that every part of the Government of Canada has a recognizably consistent appearance and navigation. They also require maximum accessibility with a wide variety of technologies, such as browsers that read a site aloud for users with visual impairments.

The site redesign started with an assessment of the old site, using web statistics and client feedback. What pages were the most popular? How many clicks did it take to get there? Which important information was hard to find and why? It didn’t take long to see that most users were coming to the CISTI site either to order a document, mostly through electronic methods, or to read an NRC Research Press journal article. The most common problem encountered was the lengthy and sometimes confusing registration process – especially the fact that an existing client wanting to make a small change (such as a new phone number) would have to go through the entire process just like a new registrant.

The new registration system is modular, and offers instructions and information for new users as they move through the many choices they need to make – service levels, prices, delivery methods and more. It also lets existing clients see their entire profile, and make any necessary changes on screen, without a long process.

To get to the “Ordering Documents electronically” page, the most popular on the old site, users had to find their way through several layers of related pages. Now, users can access the Catalogue searching and ordering page directly from the left navigation anywhere on the site. Clients who use other electronic ordering methods than the Catalogue, such as DOCLINE, should choose “Other ordering methods,” also in the left navigation.

The site has a new URL: It would be a good idea to change your bookmarks; there are also reminders and redirects on the site to make sure that you can still get where you want to go. There have also been changes to the format of e-mail addresses. Again, the old addresses can continue to be used and your messages will be redirected appropriately. If you’d like to let CISTI know what you think about the new site, e-mail or call the Help Desk at 1-800-668-1222.