ILL Committee Liaison Report--Canadian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information

ALA RUSA-MOUSS ILL Discussion Group and Committee
ALA 2002 Annual Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
CISTI Update


CISTI offers an economical solution for its clients. This year, in continued recognition of the fact that many libraries are dealing with no growth or declining budgets, CISTI has decided not to raise prices for its core document delivery copy service while at the same time maintaining and even enhancing its service to the clients. For more information on pricing, please see the new CISTI price list at

CISTI released IntelliDoc version 2.5 in April, an upgrade to its award-winning document delivery management system. Changes include:

  • automatic expiry of orders where the client has set an expiry date for the order (already 90% of CISTI orders are processed for delivery within 24 hours)
  • faster delivery of cancellation notifications to clients
  • elimination of duplicate messaging for OCLC clients
  • Ariel E-mail is now available for library intermediary clients. For more information, please contact the CISTI Help Desk at
  • better monitoring of outgoing deliveries and messages
  • a number of other workflow changes to process orders more efficiently and quickly

CISTI clients can now order patents from CISTI and receive them faster and cheaper at the Link Service standard rate. This service was formerly offered only at the Global Service level.

For information on how to order or receive documents from CISTI, visit our web site at or contact us at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-9251


New subscription packages for CISTI Source were introduced beginning April 1, 2002. The CISTI Source alerting services are now included with the subscription price. This means users can set up a profile to receive Journal Contents Alerts and Article Alerts from our database of 14,000 active titles for no additional cost. Additionally, our annual subscription prices have not increased this year. Subscribers are getting more services for the same price.

CISTI Source is introducing a "Shopping Cart" document order enhancement this spring, allowing clients to place orders for up to 25 documents at a time. This will streamline the ordering process while incorporating all of the functionality of the current system. It is available as a personal option under the account menu, which you can turn on or off based on your preferred method of ordering. The Shopping Cart is incorporated into the selections feature. Items selected while browsing through search results can be ordered in batches by going to selections and choosing the items you want to order. For more information on the availability of the Shopping Cart contact CISTI Source client support at 1-800-668-1222 or

Other enhancements to CISTI Source being released this spring:

  • An enhanced list orders function for institutions with many accounts
  • An enhanced "local holdings" feature

As ever, CISTI Source is fully integrated with CISTI's Document Delivery services and can be individually customised as a gateway to periodical literature for locally held, electronic and remote collections.

For more information on CISTI Source, please visit our web site at For a free trial account or to discuss subscription options, contact CISTI by e-mail at, and by phone at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-9251.


NRC Research Press has released the Journal of Environmental Engineering & Science, a new journal, affiliated with the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, providing an effective forum for the dissemination of environmental research, encouraging interdisciplinary research collaboration to address the multi-faceted nature of environmental problems. It addresses all aspects of environmental engineering and applied environmental science.

Coming this summer, watch for Gerhard Herzberg, An Illustrious Life in Science by Boris Stoicheff., number 1 in the new NRC Research Press biography series.

The Press is offering discounts for RP journal subscribers who subscribe to all RP journals in print, electronically or both. To learn more, contact Customer Service

NRC Research Press books are now available on ebrary (

For more information on developments at NRC Research Press, visit our web site at: