ILL Committee Liaison Report--British Library Document Supply Center

25 January 2003

1. In the last quarter of 2002 we released a number of enhancements to our current awareness and document ordering service, Inside:

From 24 September we began adding abstracts from 2,000 titles published by Kluwer, and Elsevier. From 11 November abstracts from 100 titles from Karger have also been available. Abstracts from other major international publishers are expected to be added to the database over the coming months.

From 23 November a series of local management enhancements were introduced in response to suggestions from users, including the ability to download account data to produce usage reports.

We are now able to provide immediate PDF download of articles from 1,700 Elsevier journals held electronically. Articles can be viewed on screen and printed using Adobe’s Acrobat eBook Reader. Until now publishers and document suppliers have had difficulty enforcing copyright and managing rights in the digital environment. Working together, the British Library and Elsevier Science have used Adobe’s technology to answer publishers’ needs – ensuring the secure delivery of articles. Including the electronic copies from Kluwer and Karger which have been available for some time, Inside users can now get immediate pay-per-view access to nearly one million electronic articles in 2,500 major STM journals. We are looking to bring in further publishers during 2003.

Further information on Inside and these enhancements can be found at:

2. We have been working with the OCLC PICA in the UK to get more of our holdings information onto WorldCat, particularly our monograph records. We expect to start loading these early this year.

3. At ALA Annual in Atlanta I announced that we had closed our Patent Express service due to declining demand. However, following representations from many users of that service we have introduced a limited patent copying service. While any patent can be ordered, the new service is really intended for harder to find patents not readily available elsewhere. Copies are ordered through BLDSC.

4. Following our recent agreement with Elsevier for electronic delivery through Inside and the acceptance of the Adobe eBook Reader as a secure system, we are presently investigating a scan on demand PDF delivery option for all our services. We are hoping to make some announcements in the next month or two.

5 The British Library has recently undergone a major rebranding exercise. The branding work defined the essence of the BL as 'the world's knowledge' to reflect comments from staff and users that the BL is more than just a collection, and more than just 'British'. Our new mission - 'to help people advance knowledge to enrich lives' emphasises the fact that we make a difference to people's lives. Our new logo, which was successfully introduced at the International Online Meeting in London last month, with its strong visibility and contemporary feel is intended to reflect these values. It will gradually be extended to all our visual communications during 2003.

6 To end on a personal note, unfortunately for the first time in many years I will not be attending ALA Midwinter this year (not sure yet about Annual in Toronto, but unlikely). I will certainly miss the lively and interesting debates at the Discussion Group and Committee meetings, but most of all I will miss meeting old friends and making new ones. As it is unlikely that anyone else from BLDSC will attend in my place, if anyone has any questions about any item in this report or about any aspect of BLDSC services, I can still be contacted at

Best wishes for 2003 to everyone in ILL,

Mick Osborne
7 January 2003