MOUSS Interlibrary Loan CommitteeAriel Update

ALA Toronto 2003
June, 2003

Jenny Connelly
Senior Product Manager
10850 Wilshire Blvd, 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Ariel worldwide distribution: over 9,600 copies sold

- 49 of 50 top academic libraries have licenses; 46 have multiple copies

Infotrieve uses Ariel to send documents to our customers. On average we send 350 documents per day via Ariel, for a total of 7,000 documents per month.

Ariel Technical Support Update

Free technical support is available for users of Ariel 3.x. Please contact, or telephone 800-422-4633 x1.

Tech Support Statistics for March – May 2003

March: 531 incidents

April: 767 incidents

May: 647 incidents

The Ariel help desk handles an average of 69 phone calls per week and answers an average of 97 e-mails per week.

Top Tech Support Requests

1. Firewall/NAT
2. Installation and setup
3. Scanners
4. Patron delivery/e-mail
5. Information on purchasing Ariel
6. Store & forward server

ALA Midwinter Summary

Infotrieve held an Ariel User’s Group meeting at ALA Midwinter, immediately following our acquisition of Ariel.

Promises made at ALA Midwinter:

- Infotrieve will not raise prices
- prices have not changed

- Infotrieve will not add tracking devices
- Infotrieve is considering creating “Ariel Corporate Edition,” to meet the needs of corporate customers that want better tools to ensure that their patrons comply with copyright. The message: academic institutions do not need this and WON’T have to buy it.

- Ariel users drive the future of Ariel
- “Wish List” is ongoing

- Infotrieve will create an Academic Advisory Board.
- First meeting: ALA Toronto.

At ALA Midwinter, Infotrieve collected enhancement requests from the group, to be added to the Ariel “Wish List”
Top 4 requested enhancements at ALA:

1. Network – Share address book and patron database
2. Supplier-to-Patron – Notification to Patron and Requester
3. Better Patron Delivery solutions and documentation
4. More scanner options

Infotrieve progress since the acquisition of Ariel:

Senior Product Manager hired
2 Technical Support Specialists hired
Academic Advisory Board created
New store and forward server
More supported scanners

In progress: Software developers are being hired

Coming Soon: Ariel 4.0

Ariel 4.0 will include the following wish list requests:

Network-able patron & address list
Enhanced security
Supplier-to Patron-delivery with notices to borrower and patron
Multiple versions of Patron Notices (e-mail) for Web Delivery depending on service
Ability to categorize patrons

Ariel User Group Meeting at ALA

Sunday, June 22
7 – 9 pm
Marriott Bloor Yorkville
Toronto, Canada
(follows OCLC ILLiad meeting, in same building)

Also, visit us at RLG Booth # 2304