2006 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group


CHAIRPERSON = Carol M. Tobin

DATES = June 25, 2006

EMAIL = cmtobin@email.unc.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent:

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = To provide a place for discussion of issues of particular interest to staff in reference departments in large research libraries

SUMMARY = We had about 27-30 attendees. The topic was: ut of my comfort zone and not in my job description. We have all discussed traditional reference vs. electronic reference but what about all those other services that might be part of a reference department now that were not in the past. Things like GIS, data serves, helping people with scanning, helping students and faculty design webpages, working with blackboard, running multimedia labs. Reference in some places has either taken on other departments like Government Documents or merged with other services, e.g. joint circulation/reference desk, Information Commons/Reference or even abolishing a desk and working only in campus departments. How does this work for people that have these arrangements, how do you staff in these cases, etc.

There was a lively discussion of these issue and also of other aspects of reference staffing, e.g. cutting back on evening service. Nancy Huling took minutes for the group.  Jo Kibbie who will be the Chair next year and Denise Shorey who will be Vice Chair were not able to be at the conference.

EVALUATION = We had a good discussion and the size of the group help facilitate this.  At midwinter the group was larger.  This added to the discussion but made it seem less like a discussion group.