2008 Midwinter Meeting Minutes

RUSA Reference Services Section

Ethical and Legal Issues in Reference Discussion Group

Courtyard Downtown, Salon II

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

January 12, 2008, 1:30 p.m.



Our topic was the “Library Patron and Privacy in the Age of Library 2.0 and the Patriot Act”.


We discussed various aspects of privacy in regards to library patrons. For example:


Ø      Library Management Systems and patron data retention.

Ø      Myspace or Facebook

Ø      Patron Privacy Policies

Ø      Privacy Audits – one library was in the process of compiling the information needed to conduct a Privacy Audit.

Ø      Privacy and Security Cameras

Ø      Roaming Reference

Ø      Teaching patrons about internet safety

Ø      Virtual Reference Services





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