2007 Annual Minutes

Our speaker Brian M. Carson, of  Western Kentucky University Libraries chatted with us on a number of ethical issues faced by librarians. He then described the scenario of a young teenage girl approaching the reference desk in tears, asking for the book Final Exit.  In the  scenario the librarian has heard that the young girl is known to “have problems.” The librarian is aware that the requested book in on the returned book truck.  Question: Do you give her the book? Or, do you send her to the stacks to look for the book?

A lively discussion ensued. Different questions were brought up. Brian then chatted about the standards used by psychologists.

Is there a clear risk to a identifiable person or a group of persons?

Is there a risk of serious bodily harm or death?

Is the danger imminent?

Brian then distributed his handout on “Resources Related to a Suicidal Client.”