Reference Services Section RSS Web Advisory 2008 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: Web Advisory


CHAIRPERSON: Virginia Cole

DATES: 6/28/2008


MEMBERSPRESENT:  John Hepner, Andrew Whitis, Vincci Kwong, Sarah J. Hammill

MEMBERSABSENT: Cindy Levine, Katie Huffman (virtual)


OBJECTIVES: Continue to improve and enhance RSS web presence

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) Members brainstormed methods of making the RSS web site more attractive and dynamic. We agreed our new system for communicating and updating is working well. Virginia Cole will get the Handbook and new Chair Checklist updated with the new RSS web contact info Actions to enhance the site: Andrew Whitis will create an RSS Facebook page. Virginia Cole will publicize the Facebook page through rss-l and rusa-l and by finding a volunteer to do an article for RSS Review. Vincii Kwong will create an extremely easy guide to quick podcasts. All will work on getting a photo on every RSS committee and discussion group--either a chair headshot or a photo of the group working/discussing. Photos of awards and programs and discussion groups in action are also encouraged. We will use the ALA photo permission form and put a link on the RSS website. Vincii Kwong will attempt to find icons or images to add a bit of interest to RSS webpages.