midwinter 2009 meeting minutes

COMMITTEE: RUSA MARS/RSS Virtual Reference Services

CHAIRPERSON: Alicia Korenman and Crystal Lentz

DATES: 1/25/2009

EMAIL: wordnerd@gmail.com, clentz@secstate.wa.gov

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Don Boozer, Qiana Johnson, Danielle Theiss-White, Amy Gustavson, Ellen Hampton, Carla Pfahl, Alisa Gonzalez, Alex Hodges, Betch Cackowski, Julie Strange, Alicia Korenman

MEMBERS ABSENT: Johannah White, Eric Zino, Crystal Lentz

VISITORS: Joe Thompson, Sam Stormont, Jason Coleman, Kris Johnson

OBJECTIVES: Determine future plans for Tutorial Subcommittee and Index
Subcommittee, plan program for Annual 2010

SUMMARY: --Approved minutes from Annual 2008 --Approved revisions of Virtual Reference Guidelines - Discussed next steps for the Tutorial Subcommittee. Amy Gustavson was appointed chair and agreed to review the current tutorial to decide a) what updates need to be made, and b) whether it is worth updating and worth the committee's involvement. --Discussed next steps for the Index Subcommittee. Chair Carla Pfahl was on leave for 6 months and so things have stalled a bit. There are four committee members, but a few more are needed to really get the ball rolling and make necessary updates. We encouraged the committee members to assist with this project. --Discussed program ideas for Annual 2010. Suggestion: Take the Library/Librarian with you--a look at mobile applications for libraries. There will be some focus on how to create and use mobile applications on a budget. --Heard a report from the VRDG. Attendance was lower than we'd expected, due to generally poor attendance at the conference and a competing program--if this continues, will we have to sunset the Discussion Group? We hope not.

EVALUATION: We got off to a great start!