Midwinter 2005 Highlights

COMMITTEE = MARS/RSS Virtual Reference Committee


= Joseph Thompson (co-chair representing RSS)

DATES = Sunday, January 16, 2005

EMAIL = jthompso@bcpl.net

MEMBERS PRESENT = Committee Co-Chairs:
Jana Ronan (Machine-Assisted Reference Section - MARS) and Joe Thompson (Reference Services Section - RSS)


VISITORS = Donna Dinberg, Spruce Fraser, Alex Hodges (MARS & RSS), Sheryl Katzin (MARS), Maira Liriano (RSS Chair), Kathleen Kern (MARS), Anne C. Moore (MARS & RSS), Barbara Petersohn, Beth Roberts (MARS), Doris Ann Sweet (MARS Chair)


1. Determine the new joint committee's size and type of membership representation.

2. Begin a discussion of possible activities and responsibilities to be taken on by the new committee.


Committee Membership:

The group believed that membership should be about ten members including the Co-Chairs. One Co-Chair will represent MARS and one Co-Chair will represent RSS. It was proposed that each section will have four seats on the committee in addition to the Co-Chair seat. Additional contributions to the committee could be in the form of virtual membership, intern positions and consultant positions. Also, subgroups could be formed. Members of subgroups would not have to be members of the main committee.

Possible Committee Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Maintaining the "Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining Virtual Reference Services"

2. Maintaining the "DREI Rubrics for Digital Reference Service Providers"

3. Cooperating with the "MARS Virtual Reference Discussion Group" as well as other RUSA committees.

4. Planning a program for ALA Annual 2006 in New Orleans.

EVALUATION = This was an opportunity for many people to share their ideas on what roles this new committee may play in this important new mode of reference service. This was accomplished.

PROBLEMS = This was the first meeting of the co-chairs of this new committee. Our first meeting to include committee membership is expected to take place in Chicago at Annual 2005.