RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Serivces to Adults 2008 Midwinter Highlights

COMMITTEE: Services to Adults


DATES: 1/12/08


MEMBERS PRESENT: Beth Roberts (chair), Jeffrey Kempe, Janet O'Keefe, Patricia Lee Randle, Wendy Girven (Intern)

MEMBERS ABSENT: Stephanie Lynn Karnosh, Amy Radermacher, Brian Ronald Smith, Johannah Mills White

VIRTUAL MEMBER: Sian Dorian Brannon


OBJECTIVES: We are planning a program for 2009 on "disengaging from the chatty patron." It would be a panel presentation. Another objective we have is to enhance our web site with more content.

SUMMARY: We discussed planning a program for 2009. We also discussed our web site, and the RUSA wiki. We are planning to have a virtual meeting in march or April as well (our first!) to touch base with as many members as possible, such as our virtual member.

EVALUATION: Our committee has been effective in accomplishing its goals so far!

PROBLEMS:  We did not encounter any problems.

RECOMMENDATIONS: None at this Time.