RSS Reference Services Section Research and Statistics Committee 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

American Library Association Annual Meeting
RSS | Research and Statistics Committee
Anaheim, CA – June 2008
Meeting Minutes
Saturday, June 28, 2008, 8-10:30 a.m.

In Attendance: Char Booth, Liane Luckman, Anne Moore, Heather Tunender, Ellen Safley, Girija Venkat, David Ward

Absent: Betsy Hageman, Holly McCullough, Linda Shippert, Luke Vilelle, Hosea Tokwe (virtual)

Guest: Jason Coleman

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Review of Agenda
a. Agenda was approved with one addition – to review research process pages on committee website.

3. Review of Midwinter 2008 Minutes
a. Minutes approved with no revisions.   

4. Review committee roster/appointments for next year
a. Chair: Liane Luckman
b. Web contact: Char Booth (Char will update the website.)
c. New and retiring members: Holly McCullough, Janelle Hedstrom, and Linda Shippert are cycling off. Renewals: Luke Vilelle and Heather Tunender. New members: Qiana Johnson, intern; Anita Ondrusek, member.

5. 2008 Reference Research Forum Details
a. Program will be held at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, Grand A at 1:30 on Sunday, June 29.
b. Logistics concerning handouts, moderating, and presenter details were discussed briefly, as well as timing for the grant award announcement.
c. Volunteers at the event will greet attendees and coordinate distribution of handouts and sign-in sheets.

6. Planning for 2009 Reference Research Forum
a. Criteria to remain the same.
b. Select only 2 proposals because of the Kent State University RUSA Grant presentation
c. Suggestion to post the call for proposals on reference-related blogs – Char will look into this.
d. Suggestion to post the announcement on the RUSA web site and in RUSQ.
e. Announcements and publicity - discussion of timing and quality of submissions and whether to publicize via library blogs as well as lists. Suggestion to revise announcement timing to shortly after Annual and on a semi-monthly basis (initial announcement in July, then in early September, October, and after Thanksgiving). Should we revise the wording of the announcement? Suggestion to review and potentially “spice up” the announcement.
f. Formation of subgroup to review and revise proposal electronically by July 15: Liane?, Heather, Ellen, and Girija
g. Deadline for submissions – decision to push deadline to January 5th and post submissions on the ALA Connect Community as they are submitted. Liane spearheading ALA community creation. Notifications: Friday March 20, 2009.

7. Planning for future Reference Research Reviews
a. Format - suggestions to potentially change format and scope, as well as a brief discussion of web-based delivery methods.  Stated RRR goal of presenting quality research in reference, question of whether people are interpreting “reference” and “research” differently and how to streamline and systematize the review process. Structure of the annotations – should there be a word count? Suggested word count of 75.
b. Criteria and Scope – discussion to stop “starring” high-quality articles and curtail selections in order to produce a better list overall. Brief discussion of definition of “reference” – does it involve instruction, and is it always patron-initiated? Reference as focusing on information-seeking behavior, as opposed to instruction. Char and David will create a definition of “reference” for the RRR submissions; they will use the new RUSA definition of reference as a foundation. Anne will do a similar review of “research” component.
c. Deadline – suggested date of April 1st for RRR submissions in order to give the committee an opportunity to review all submissions once the list is compiled. Reminders should be sent out March 1st and March 15th. Suggestion that the committee’s intern should check citations for accuracy instead of the editor.
d. Promotion – push blog promotion in addition to the Reference Research Forum and the website.

8. New Business
a. No new business.

9. Adjournment

Minutes compiled by Char Booth, June 28, 2008.