Reference Services Section RSS Research and Statistics Committee 2007 Midwinter Meeting Minutes

American Library Association Midwinter Meeting
RUSA | RSS | Research and Statistics Committee
Seattle, WA – January 2007
Seattlle Sheraton – Grand Ballroom
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Char Booth, Janelle Hedstrom, Luke Vilelle, Heather Tunender, Anne Moore, Ellen Safely, Holly McCullough, Zola Maddison, Sarah Hammill

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Review of Agenda

a. Agenda was amended to include the following additions:

i. Website Discussion

ii. 15th Anniversary

3. Minutes approved with no changes.

4. Reference Research Forum

a. Brief discussion of proposal selection and review process. Decision to review proposals sequentially for first review.

b. First Review of Proposals – A frist-round discussion and weeding out of proposals occurred. Proposals were sorted as follows: No - 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13. Maybe - 1, 2. Maybe plus - 3, 6, 10. Maybe negatve – 7.

c. Second Review of Proposals - 7, 2 eliminated. A dccision to rank the remaining contenders. 3 approved. 1, 2, 10 maybes.

d. A lengthy discussion of remaining proposals. 1, 3 and 6 receive final approval. Backup designated as 10, with final discussion of comments and recommendations for rejected and accepted applicants.

5. Reference Research Review

a. Explanation of project and expectations. (Sarah Hammill joined the table). Discussion of past method for conducting research reviews – recommendations for review include:

i. Annotate all articles in chosen journals, and star the best candidates in case of an excess of items – in the event that too many annotated articles are included, the committee will decide as a group which annotations should be eilminated.

ii. Use the template created by Janelle and provided on the planning document when creating annotations – discussion of inconsistency in past anntotations.

b. Discussion of creating a new format for the RRR – an online ranked list of articles with their original abstracts is proposed. The value of the exercise is discussed and validated. Suggestion for online interactive format in knowlegebase or wiki or blog format.

c. Heather and Char volunteer to review interactive software options, and potentially set up a pilot article forum program for the 2007 program.

d. Ellen will edit the print handout of the RRR – brief discussion of deadline followed.

e. Heather will look into setting up a RefShare forlder that all can submit articles and innotations.

6. Website – Janelle discussed making improvements to site.

7. 15th Anniversary – Decided to table discussion until ALA Annual 2007.

8. New Business – no new business. Meeting adjourned.