Reference Services Section RSS Research and Statistics Committee Meeting 2006 Annual Minutes

American Library Association Annual Meeting
RUSA / RSS / Research & Statistics Committee
New Orleans, LA – June 2006
Astor Crowne Plaza, Grand Ballroom D
Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome & Introductions

  • Committee members were introduced
  • The following members were present: Sarah Hammill, Holly McCullough, Ellen Derey, Janelle Hedstrom

2. Agenda was approved with no changes.

3. Minutes were approved from ALA Midwinter 2006 with no changes.

4. Reference Research Forum:

  • Sarah reserved a theater-style room that should seat 100-150.
  • Sarah and Janelle will bring handouts and eval form.
  • Sarah will go early to greet speakers and set-up room.
  • Due to schedule conflict, Lynn Westbrook will arrive late and speak last.

5. Discussion of Reference Research Review:

  • There was extensive discussion about the format and presentation of the RRR. It was determined that we should follow a clear formula for the annotations: 1) Overall statement about purpose/point of article. 2-3) Description of methodology/results/tools. 4) How it is relevant to librarians. This formula can be discussed further at the 2007 Midwinter Meeting.
  • To keep it to 2 pages in length, it was suggested that there be series of starred review with complete annotations followed by a list of citation-only articles. There should be a statement about how starred reviews were determined (widest appeal, raised new issues, etc.).
  • A link to the committee web site should be included on the handout.
  • This should be published/distributed as widely as possible. RUSA, RSS or committee web site. Handouts at the RUSA table. List servs. Print publications.

6. Committee membership review:

  • New members: Paula Christine Contreras, Zola Valeska Maddison (virtual member), Heather Tunender, Luke Vilelle
  • Retiring members: John Spencer (I think I’m missing some here!)

7. Discussion of the committee web pages:

  • ALA is going to be purchasing content management software. RSS is looking for a new webmaster. There may be some changes to the RUSA/RSS pages. We should look at the committee pages at midwinter and evaluate for changes.

8. New business:

  • 2009 with be the 15th Annual Reference Research Forum and we should consider doing something special or unique. Discussion about doing some kind of retrospective showcase and how to find information about older forums.
    • Ellen will contact RUSA about what they have kept.
    • Janelle with search the library literature to see what this group has published.
  • Call for Proposals: They will be handed out at the Sunday forum. Sarah will email to lists in August. Janelle will ask for it to be posted on the RUSA, RSS or committee web sites.

9. No announcements.

10. Meeting adjourned.