Reference Services Section RSS Research & Statistics Committee 2005 Annual Meeting Minutes

ALA Annual 2005
RUSA/MOUSS Research and Statistics Committee
Meeting of Saturday June 25, 2005 9:00-11:00am
Chicago, Holiday Inn City Center, Superior Room
Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome & Introductions

  • Introductions.
  • The following members were present: Carolyn Radcliff, Holly McCullough, Mary Casserly, Janelle Hedstrom, Rebecca Jackson, John S. Spencer, Kathy Crowe, Joan Stein, and Sarah Hammill.

2. Review and Approval of the Agenda

  • Agenda was approved.

3. Approval of the Minutes from ALA Midwinter 2005

  • The meeting minutes were approved with corrections.

4. Discussion preparation for the Reference Research Forum.

  • Janelle, Joan, and Sarah volunteered to arrived early and help set-up for the forum.

5. Committee Membership

  • The following membership terms are ending: Mary Casserly, Joan Stein, Melissa Gross, Rebecca Jackson, and Kathryn Crowe.
  • Joan thanked everyone for their service.
  • We all agreed that this was one of the best committees to belong to.
  • Sarah was introduced as committee chair.

6. Discussion of the Web Page Resources

  • A plan and timeline was developed for the URL’s. Carolyn agreed to coordinate. All groups should e-mail Carolyn their list of URL’s and annotations by August 1, 2005. Carolyn will put the sections together and e-mail the committee for feedback.
  • Each section should include an introduction that addresses what it is and why it is useful. It should be 3-5 sentences long. Each section should include and e-mail link to the persons responsible for the section asking for suggestions to add.
  • Changed the section labeled Statistical Research to Quantitative Research to go with the Qualitative Research section. The five sections are: Doing Quantitative Research, Doing Qualitative Research, Project Assessment & Evaluation, Data Source, and Data Gathering and Evaluation. Discussed a section on Metasites.
  • Once the site is up, we need to let people know. Committee will send an e-mail to the RUSA listserv.
  • Discussed the need for a link checker or at least someone to manually check the URL’s on a regular basis. At midwinter categories will be reassigned and those responsible for each category will check for dead links.

7. Announcements:

  • Discussion ensued about the time change (from Sunday to Saturday) of the Reference Research Forum. Decided we would wait to see how attendance was before pursuing it further.
  • At midwinter, redistribution of journals covered will be discussed. Before our midwinter meeting, new journals to be added should be e-mailed to committee members.
  • If we are short people on the committee, we can offer an internship to someone. This is a one year appointment. The person is not an official member but will be appointed the following year.

8. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned 10:10 am.

Second meeting canceled.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah J. Hammill