MOUSS Research and Statistics Committee

Annual 2003 Meeting Minutes
Saturday June 21, 2003 9:30-11:00am
Toronto, Hotel Intercontinental, Willard Room

1. Welcome & Introductions

  • The committee roster was distributed and updated.
  • The following members were present: Matthew Saxton, Mary Casserly, Eric Novotny, Kathy Crowe, Rochelle Logan, Joan Stein, Joann Jacoby, John S. Spencer, Steve Hiller, Carolyn Radcliff, and Sarah Hammill.

2. Review and Approval of the Agenda

  • The agenda was amended. Discussion of the committee web page will be discussed at midwinter.

3. Approval of the Minutes from ALA Annual

  • The meeting minutes were approved.

4. New Committee appointments/reappointments/departures

  • Committee roster was updated.
  • Departing members were thanked for their service.
  • Eric announced Joan Stein as the incoming chair for 2003/04. Joan opted to conduct the meeting with Eric’s assistance.
  • Rochelle Logan is actively recruiting a public librarian for the Research & Statistics Committee as she will be departing. She is asking members of the Public Library Association Research and Statistics Committee.
  • The committee discussed having a virtual member. Currently, there isn’t a virtual member. Although it is our option to have a virtual member, it is encouraged by the organization.

4. Reference Research Forum: Last Minute Details

  • A reminder that the Reference Research Forum will be held Sunday June 22nd from 1:30 -3:00 pm at the Hilton, Governor’s room.
  • Rochelle, Kathryn and Joan agreed to get to the forum early and get copies of handouts and PowerPoint presentations. In addition, they will administer and collect the evaluation forms.

Planning for the 10th Annual Reference Research Forum in Orlando

  • Discussed initial planning for the 10th Annual Forum in Orlando. Eric put in a program request to the executive committee for the same time slot. Waiting to hear form the executive committee.
  • Eric handed out the flyer calling for papers for the 10th Annual Reference Research Forum. Deadline for paper submissions is December 8, 2003.
  • In October an electronic flyer will be sent around to publicize the call for papers.

5. Final Details of Reference Research Review, 2002

  • Papers will be posted to the committee webpage between now and midwinter.
  • Journal titles (for the 2004 review) covered by departing members will be re-assigned at the midwinter meeting. Rochelle suggested dropping School Library Journal from the list of reviewed journals since it has not included any research articles for as long as anyone can remember.

6. Old Business:

  • Future of MOUSS - Eric reviewed MOUSS's reorganization proposal to RUSA. The members of the committee did not have copies of the proposal but Eric characterized it as changes at the section and division level. The committee, Research and Statistics, will not change except that MOUSS will become a front line reference section so the committee will have to make the forums and reviews more focused on practitioners. There will be a new name for MOUSS which will reflect its frontline focus. The timeline for the change is short. It could happen before mid-winter.
  • Committee Web page - This topic was deferred to the mid-winter meeting.
  • Update on working with the MOUSS Evaluation of Research and User Services Committee on Guidelines - This committee is developing guidelines on how to count reference transactions and would like a volunteer from this committee to join them as they continue this work. They are developing what will be RUSA-level guidelines. Matt Saxton volunteered to represent the Research and Statistics Committee.

7. New Business:

  • Future Plans/ New ideas for the committee to work on – The committee came up with a number of ideas including:

  • 1. Developing guides to starting your research

    2. Converting the Research Review to a bibliographic essay with more focus on what the selected studies mean for practitioners.

    3. Categorize the selected studies rather than writing a bibliographic essay. Currently they are presented in alphabetical order.

    4. Developing some kind of referral bureau to link practitioners with research questions to experts.
    The pros and cons of each idea were discussed.

  • How should we become more involved in the statistics portion of our charge? The possibility of presenting information on sampling techniques and other research information for practitioners using statistics on our Web site was discussed. This discussion will continue at the mid-winter meeting.

  • Can/should we provide for other "user services" as well?
  • This discussion was postponed until the new MOUSS organizational structure is released.

8. Other Business

  • Should we keep this same meeting time? Will it work for everyone? – The committee will meet at the same time for mid-winter.
  • Anything to take to the MOUSS board meeting? – no

9. Second Meeting at Annual: Sunday morning, June 22, 2003 was cancelled.

10. Announcements

  • Midwinter meeting times were announced and it was decided that both meeting days (Saturday and Sunday 9:30 – 11 am) would be needed to cover the lengthy agenda.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Casserly and Sarah J. Hammill