MOUSS Research and Statistics Committee

Meeting Minutes, January 19, 2002.
9:30-11am, Hotel Monteleone Riverview

1. Call to order -- The meeting was called to order by Chair Eric Novotny at 9:30am.
Present: Eric Novotny, Kathryn Crowe, Rebecca Jackson, Mary Casserly, Joan Stein, and Jeanie M. Welch.
Absent: Melissa Gross, Rochelle Logan,Lanell Rabner, Matthew Saxton, Charles W. Weston, Nancy Colborn (virtual member), Marcia Rodney (virtual member).

The Chair welcomed the members and made introductions.

2. Approval of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting. The agenda for the current meeting, and the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as distributed.

3. Discussion of Reference Research Forum proposals--The committee discussed the proposals and selected the following for presentation:

#2-- A Comparison of Questions Asked in Face-to-Face, Chat, and E-mail Reference Interactions, Charlotte Ford, Reference Librarian, Birmingham-Southern College, & Doctoral Candidate, Indiana University.
#10 -- Undergraduates’ Epistemological Development and the Reference Interview, Ethelene Whitmire, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The chair was asked to relay the suggestion that a title change be considered.
#13—Search and Rescue: Repair Strategies of Remote Users Searching the Online Catalog, Nancy Turner and Susan Beck, New Mexico State University

Proposals #1 and #9 were selected as the alternates should one of the original three selections be unable to participate. The Chair will contact all who submitted proposals.

The Reference Research Forum will be held on Sunday from 1:30-3:30. It will be listed as a program, not as a committee meeting, in the printed ALA program. This should increase attendance. Publicity will be sent to appropriate listservs and a flyer will be created for distribution at ALA. Kathryn Crowe and Mary Casserly volunteered to arrive early to help set up. Kathryn Crowe volunteered to serve as moderator. The Chair will request all appropriate audio-visual equipment (e.g., a computer projector). The Chair will develop an evaluation form for committee approval via e-mail.

4. Reference Research Review--Committee members agreed to their journal
assignments for the 2001 calendar year. The e-journal First Monday was
added and will be reviewed by Mary Casserly. Joan Stein agreed to review Library Trends and Performance Measurements. An electronic copy of the annotated review should be sent to the Chair by May 15. The goal is to have a final version ready for distribution at ALA Annual in June.

The committee discussed the rationale for limiting the Review to research articles pertaining to Reference. For this year committee members are asked to provide citations (not annotations) for research articles pertaining to user services other than reference (e.g. reader’s advisory, bibliographic instruction, Interlibrary Loan, etc…). This will provide the committee with a better sense of the impact of adding these articles to future reviews.

5. Committee Appointments/Re-appointments—After ALA Annual in Atlanta, there will be 3 members rotating off of the committee, including both virtual members. Please send suggestions for new members to the Chair. The Chair will contact Matt Saxton about re-appointment, all other committee members are in the midst of their two year terms. Eric agreed to serve another term as Chair.

6. MOUSS Section/Committee Review
a. All MOUSS committees were asked to respond to a set of questions regarding the committee’s activities and goals. The Chair distributed a copy of this document, with responses. Paula Contreras, a member of the MOUSS section review committee, joined the meeting to discuss the responses.

There was discussion of broadening the scope to other users services such as ILL, circulation, e-reserves, and periodicals. The committee also provided feedback on the All-MOUSS committee meeting arrangement, suggesting that there be a larger meeting room and better signage at the tables. It was suggested that a greeter at the door may encourage visitors, who might otherwise be discouraged by the size of the gathering.

b. Evaluation of Reference Statistics Forum--It was announced that the RUSA/MOUSS Evaluation of Reference and User Services committee would be holding a discussion forum on reference statistics on Saturday, Jan. 19, from 4:30-5:30. The committee is investigating the creation of RUSA guidelines for reference service statistics.

7. 2002 ALA Annual Conference meetings—The All RUSA MOUSS committee meeting will be on Saturday from 9:30-11 am. A 2nd meeting for the committee has been scheduled for Sunday from 9:30-11 am.

8. Second Committee Meeting at Midwinter--It was decided that the committee had completed it’s business and that a second meeting at MidWinter was not needed.

9. Other business
a. There was informal discussion of establishing a separate reference section in RUSA and MOUSS's emphasis on practical advice in regard to research. Deemphasizing the "management" part of MOUSS and broadening the Reference Research Review to include other user services were discussed.

b. The committee thanked the chair for his dedicated service this year. The Chair responded with appreciation for all the work accomplished by the members.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am