MOUSS Research and Statistics Committee

1999 Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 26th

RUSA/MOUSS Research Forum was held from 2-4pm. Although attendance was light, the papers presented were excellent and abstracts will appear on the RUSA/MOUSS WebPage along with the call for papers for next years forum and the !st annual Reference Research Review done by the committee.

Speakers and their paper topics included : Matthew Saxton "Evaluation of Reference Service Using Hierarchical Linear Models:..."; Leroy Smith, "Effectiveness of Strategies Employed by Unassisted Library Users in selecting Electronic Resources..." and Joan Durrance and Karen Pettigrew, "Help Seeking in n Electronic World:..."

Monday, June 28th, 9:30-11

Members attending included: Diana D. Shonrock, Chair; Shellie Jeffries; Marie Radford, Incoming Chair; Rochelle Logan; Danuta Nitecki; Eric Novotny; and Michael Lorenzen.

1. Welcomed two new members
2. Decided to have only one meeting in San Antonio
3. Decided to submit both the Research Review and the Call for Papers 1999 on the RUSA WebSite.
4. Agreed to move forward on creating a committee Listserv with RUSA
5. Discussed methods of encouraging publication of presented papers particularly in the RUSA journal
6. Thanks to Steven Francoeur of Pratt Institute for all his work designing the Research Review handout
7. Discussed and agreed on some modifications to the Research Review so that it can be published in RUSQ and agreed on journal assignment for the 1999 titles